7 Confirmed Features Of Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, Specs and Price

7 Confirmed Features Of Apple iPhone 8

7 Features Of Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, Specs and Price: Apple is all set to launch its tenth anniversary iPhone this year. Everyone are waiting for the iPhone 8 speculations and also iPhone Price. There are many news about the same on the internet which are like grapevine for many. Not so long ago, Apple has launched its latest Operating System, iOS 11. This OS update in the latest iPhones and iPads are giving some hints about the iPhone 8 Features. There is a leak in the about the iPhone 8 Specs and also on iPhone 8 price. Check below to know more about the 7 Confirmed Features Of Apple iPhone 8.

7 Confirmed Features Of Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, Specs

1. Augmented Reality

AR is one of the major feature that Apple iPhone 8 is coming with. In the recent update of OS to iOS 11, they have made big announcements relating to AR. The company has announced its own backyard AR development platform. This means, app developers can design AR apps before the Release Date of iPhone 8. Since the iPhone 8 Release Date is in the month of September, Apple developers are getting ready with several AR apps.

2. Dual-rear cameras:

Though Apple is denying the about the dual-rear camera, but it looks pretty much on in the coming iPhone 8. Already, For iPhone 7, Apple has bought this dual camera technology. Since, there will have AR apps, it is quite easy for anyone to imagine iPhone 8 with dual-rear cameras.

3. Homepod Integastion

Apple has unveiled HomePod recently. This is an answer for Amazon’s Echo and also for Google Home. Apple is trying to provide its support for the pill-shaped speaker for the Apple iPhone 8. Although the Apple company has kept this idea away from the previous mobiles, we might see this in iPhone 8. It seems that HomePod integration is an integral part of Apple’s home computing ambitions.

7 Confirmed Features Of Apple iPhone 8

7 Confirmed Features Of Apple iPhone 8

4. Wireless Charging

With iPhone 8, one can experience this wireless charging feature. Robert Hwang who is the CEO of Tawan-based iPhone assembler has revealed this news. He said that new iPhone 8 features like waterproof and wireless charging are now in the new mobiles. Hence we can now expect Wireless charging in iPhone 8 along with the waterproof. Though Apple has tried to include these features in the previous editions, now we will will see in the iPhone 8.

5. Water Resistant, Glass Back Panel

The CEO of Wistron has confirmed both the wireless charging feature and water-resistant design. Since the smartphone will come with wireless charging, they are also incorporating water resistant feature. Because of this, we can see a glass or a plastic back panel which helps for hinder-free connection.

6. NFC

With iPhone 8, we might see NFC as not just an Apple Pay. The company’s latest Operating System iOS 11 will support the Core NFC. The iPhone 8 will have NFC chips. This new NFC chip will read more tags other than reading just Apple Pay tags. Users can pair the Apple Watch with the iPhone 8 with the help of NFC. One can also use it for online payments at stores.

7. Siri may do a lot more

Apple has revealed not much about the new features. But coming to Siri, users of iPhone 8 may get more than what they are using now. During the iOS 11, they have revealed a glimpse of AI at the WWDC 2017 conference. As far as the reports, Now Siri will translate languages in real quick time. It will also be fluent in carrying out any commands by the users as well.

These are the Features of iPhone 8 which you will see for sure. We can always expect more from Apple. They are trying to incorporate some more new features. Until then, we have to wait for the iPhone 8 specifications and apple iPhone 8 images.

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