5 Best Alternative Apps Like Evernote 2017 List

Apps Like Evernote

Alternative Apps Like Evernote: EVERNOTE is one of the most famous apps among the smartphone users. This app is a freemium app which you can use it on multiple platforms. This app is for note taking, organizing, and archiving the things that you want to remember later. Evernote Corporation has Developed this Evernote App. Some of the features of this Evernote is it helps users to create a “note”. This note may be in the form of text, or a full webpage or webpage excerpt, or a photograph. You can also save a note as a voice memo, or a handwritten “ink” note. Apart from the above ways, you can also have Notes as attachments. You can share this Note to your friends in your contact list. Apart from that, you can also share it on social media sites like WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

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Evernote is available for most of the operating systems. You can Download Evernote for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, MacOS, ChromsOS, Microsoft Windows, BlackBerry 10, and last but not least as webOS. Evernote also offers online synchronization apart from backup services. With all the features, you can never find Evernote Alternatives 2016. Such are the features that it has among the users. If you are searching for Evernote alternative Mac, then look below. We have brought Evernote alternative android who want to use other apps like Evernote. You will love the below list of Evernote alternative 2017 which you can install as Alternatives For Evernote App.

Apps Like Evernote

List of Similar Apps Like Evernote 2017:

Google Keep: This is a sticky-note app which is very easy to use. At the same time, it has all the features that you can ask for. The best part of this Google’s Keep is its preview option. You can literally watch what the note has without opening it. If you want, you can use the same data with Google Doc. Another interesting feature with Google Keep is the Location Reminder while you save a Note. This will remind you in which area you have written it. It comes with audio transcription, which is the most useful feature in Google Keep. Google will transcribe the text when you record an audio which reduces your efforts to convert into a text. Hence with the features that it has, it is surely a perfect Best Similar App Like Evernote.


OneNote: OneNote is a part of the Microsoft Office suite. This will serve as Evernote alternative open source. This works Same like Evernote App. In OneNote, it has the features of notebooks and notes sections. You will feel better while using this app like Evernote. OneNote’s notebook and section tabs are the features that will stand out. Hence you can organize your notes easily. With the features that it has, it is a perfect Evernote alternative Lifehacker. You can Download OneNote on Windows Phone and Windows PC.


Alternative to Evernote App

Apple Notes: Now comes the turn of Apple Notes. This is the best note-taking app which you can have after the Similar Sites Like Evernote. This is available on every Apple device. The best part is it works with Siri which makes it very easy to write notes on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Now you can write notes with a pen, draw sketches, bookmark sketches list. You can save any article from any of your Apps in iPhone or Mac. The text that you have saved can get in the rich text which you can share on email or any other social media apps. You can use Apple Notes via iCloud.com if you are away from your iPhone or Mac. With the features that it has, it is the best Evernote like Sites for anyone.

apple notes

Zoho Notebook: Zoho Notebook App is a feature-rich note-taking app. It helps in creating and organizing your notes fun. The best feature till date with Zoho Notebook is the use of trendy designs. You can customize with user’s own cover art. You can make a note via Text note, handwritten note, voice recording, image, checklist. Apart from that you can also use recordings, images from a rich text note. Furthermore, you can capture, annotate the web pages, screenshots, and many others. You can draw diagrams with your fingers apart from notes. Since it automatically syncs your notes to the cloud, you can retrieve any note if you miss accidentally. With the kind of features that it has, it will serve as the best app like Evernote.


Similar Apps Like Evernote

Dropbox Paper: Dropbox app is the last in this list. This app is like a redesigned Hackpad inside Dropbox. One can add headers, checklists and much more to your notes. Not only that, you can also drag images or videos or files from Dropbox. It also has stickers which will improve anyone’s mood. Though it has no option to export as a PDF file, but you can share as a link or print them. This app will certainly the best alternative to Evernote App which you can relate to Dropbox. Hence you can download to your smartphone right now.


We hope that this list of Evernote alternative Reddit has helped you. You can use these Evernote alternative Linux list to download and install on your smartphone. If you have any doubt regarding the Other Apps Like Evernote, do contact us via the comment section. We will clear ant doubts regarding Evernote Like Apps List.

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