Best Alternative Apps Like Zebpay 2018 List

Apps Like Zebpay

Best Alternative Apps Like Zebpay Bitcoin Wallet India: Zebpay is one of the best app-enabled bitcoin wallets. This works perfectly for anyone who wants a wallet for Bitcoins. Though there are a number of similar sites like Zebpay, nothing offers the kind of services and features that Zebpay provides you. Hence even with the competition from other apps like Zebpay, it stands tall. Zebpay is India’s first Bitcoin exchange which was started by Mahin Gupta in the year 2012. Since then it has reached new heights with increasing number of users and increasing the revenue.

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If you are looking for the similar sites like Zebpay, then this is the list. You will get each and every app which works just fine like that of Zebpay. Hence you can use these apps instead of Zebpay App. Since most of the people do not know much about the alternatives of Zebpay app, we are providing the list. You can check for yourself to get to know more about Zebpay app like Sites on the internet. Look below to know Zebpay like Sites for Bitcoin Wallet.

Apps Like Zebpay

Apps Like Zebpay

Best Similar Apps Like Zebpay Bitcoin Wallet India:

Unocoin: Among many Zebpay like apps, Unocoin works best. You can use this Unocoin as the Alternative For Zebpay App. After Zebpay, Unocoin has got the best ratings from the users. This is mainly because of the user-friendly and unique features. This Alternatives to Zebpay app is available on both iOS and Android. While the Zebpay app for Windows Phone is not available which is not a good news for the Windows smartphone users. This Unocoin app is free to download on both iOS and Android for the wallet services that it provides. Without thinking much you can use this Unocoin as Alternative Like Zebpay.


Coinsecure: This is another Alternatives Like Zebpay. This is also a Bitcoin Wallet which provides Charts consisting of data on Bitcoin Exchanges. You will also get information regarding Bitcoin Trading and Bitcoin Coinsecure Rate. You can buy and sell Bitcoins with the help of Coinsecure, along with using as a Wallet. This Zebpay like App is available on both iOS and Android platforms. While Coinsecure for Windows phone is not yet available. The app designers are trying to make it available on the Windows Platform too. You can use this Coinsecure as perfect substitute app for Zebpay.


Similar Zebpay Like Apps

LocalBitcoin: Apart from UnoCoin and Coinsecure, LocalBitcoin is also another app like Zebpay which is providing its services to many. The transactions in this app are real quick. While they charge a very low fee for the Wallet. One of the best features of this LocalBitcoin app is its animosity with which you can trade. One can buy or sell bitcoins in private transactions. Hence many people are preferring this LocalBitcoin over Zebpay App. This LocalBitcoin is available for Android and also for iOS. While the Windows users have to wait for some more time.


BTCXIndia: This is one of those apps which has a better user interface and a better experience for its users. The best thing about this app is its customer service. You can call them regarding any doubts from Monday to Sunday between 8 am to 8 pm. You will also get the email support regarding any queries. With these kinds of features, you can download and install BTCXIndia as the alternative for Zebpay app. You will never feel the difference with BTCXIndia and Zebpay, such are the features.


These are the best alternative sites like Zebpay. We have tried to bring out some of the best similar Alternative Sites like Zebpay. You can use these Zebpay Like Sites for Bitcoin Wallet.

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