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Top 3 Sites Like Musicxray To Make Money Listening Music: These days earning money online is very easy where you can earn in many fun ways. You will get paid to listen to ads, get paid to listen to people’s problems. And even you will get paid to listen to phone calls. While in this article you will see about those sites that will pay you money to listen to music online. Well, it is a fun and entertaining way to earn money listening to music app. Everyone will have the similar question that, How to earn money online by listening to new music. Here in this article, you will find the easy ways to earn money listening to music online.

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How To Get Paid To Listen To Music with It is one of the top sites where you will Get Paid to Listen to Music Online. In this site, you will earn more when compared to other sites. You may have a question, How To Successfully Use It is very simple and easy, All you need to do is, just create an account in Music Xray site and have to choose genres and artists. Then after some time, you will find some songs in your Fan inbox page. By listening to those songs you will get paid. While you will also get paid to listen to radio.

Sites Like Musicxray

Furthermore, you have a great chance to earn money here in this site from classical music to country, to rap music, etc. However, you can make $1 with every rating you provide to MusicXRay. While in starting, the compensation is at a lowly $0.05 cents per song. Also, with more ratings done on more songs, you will climb up the earnings tier to finally hit that maximum $1 payout. And the money you earn will depend on how many songs you like to listen to. When your earning reaches $20, you can have the request for payment.

And now in this article, you will find the Ways to Get Paid For Listening to Music Online. Also, you will see the Music Xray Alternatives.

Top 3 Websites To Earn Money Listening To Music

1. HitPredictorHere on this site, every song review will be rewarded with points. And later you can exchange for CDs, headphones, etc. If you are not able to do that then it also allows you to use your points in exchange for their weekly raffle entries. While at the time of writing, there is a raffle going on for an $100 gift card.

hit predictor

Here in this hit predictor app you can use hit predictor promotional code for winning many hitpredictor prizes. For getting prizes all you have to do is go to hit predictor login and then in the hit predictor desktop you will find many hit predictor charts where you will be paid to vote a song. While the search related terms are hitpredictor reddit, hitpredictor review and hitpredictor problems.


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2. Slice the pie is another music reviewing website where you will get paid for reviewing the songs. While the Slicethepie website, have gathered some 10 million reviews so far. Furthermore, they further claim that over $1 million has paid to their music reviewers. However, the ranking system on this site depends on how well-written an individual review is. And to get more points and a decent rank you have to post well-written reviews with fairly elaborate details. Hence the more comprehensive your reviews are, the more money you can make.


When coming to the money part, payout per song review ranges from $0.02 to $0.20. And when you get to the $10 level, you can request the payout via PayPal. You have seen already that in this slicethepie app you will get paid for slicethepie review. And you can check the slicethepie review examples on the official site. Also, there is an another method to make money that is from slicethepie referral. You will earn money by referring it to your friends. Furthermore, to earn more money you can use slice the pie tricks and slice the pie tactic. Also, you can use slice the pie cheats, slicethepie hack, slicethepie bot.

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3. FusionCash – Music Xray Alternatives: FusionCash is also another site where you will get paid for listening to the music you love. While many of its members say that they use the paid radio to earn some extra money. And you have tojJust come back every few minutes to add the CAPTCHA code and earn a few cents. Here on this site, you can earn more by completing cash offers, taking surveys, and referring your friends. While you will get a $5 bonus just for signing up.

fushion cash

Musicxray Subsititute Sites

And when your account reaches with a minimum balance of $25, then you can request for payout through Paypal. Furthermore, the US residents can be 13 years old to participate with parental permission. And internationally, you must be at least 18 or older to join. Here in this fusioncash app, you will get paid for giving fusioncash review. For doing so you must do fusioncash login and you can earn uniquerewards as well as fusion cash earnings. When your fusion cash India account reaches the minimum balance of $25 then you can request for fusion cash payout. Also, the search related term is fusion cash hack.

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We have tried our best to bring Alternatives For Musicxray. You can use these Alternative Sites For Musicxray or Alternative Apps For Musicxray to earn money online. Sites Like Musicxray and Apps Like Musicxray will always help you in earning money. There are no Other Sites Like Musicxray or Other Apps Like Musicxray that will help you earning money. Hence users will never try Alternative To Musicxray orAlternatives Like Musicxray. Musicxray Like Sites and Musicxray Like Apps are and hence you can use them as early as possible. If we find any other Similar Sites Like Musicxray and Similar Apps Like Musicxray we will update. Until then check this list of Best Sites Like Musicxray and Best Apps Like Musicxray.

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