How to update your Android firmware

android firmware update

Android Firmware Update Download: Every Android user will definitely have a doubt whether their handset gets updates. It can even take huge time for which there is no chance of getting updates as don’t start updating your device. There are two ways to update your handset either by using OTA(Over The Air) and manual updating. While it takes time to update it manually. In this article, we’ll help do both across various devices.

Android Firmware Update Software | Android Firmware Update Download

android firmware update

How to do automatic updates:

Generally software updates itself automatically the only thing you need to do is that accept the update and wait until your device gets updates by automatic updating procedure. This procedure is also called as OTA it comes with a notification that there’s an update which is ready to get installed. You just need to click on the start option to update.

If accidentally you escape the notification then you can go through the manual updating. While it is generally available in about device in the settings of the device from where you need to switch to the following options like System Updates > Check for Updates. This procedure can vary from device to device. But the updating will always be the same.


How to manually update:

There may be plenty of reasons for switching to manual update on your device. But some of which are not having the stable mobile or even a Wi-Fi network makes you switch to manual updating

1. Locate a ROM for Android Firmware Update

The first and foremost step in the manual updating is all about locating the ROM Which you prefer to install on your device. In case if you want an official updating then you can switch to the official website and find the updating procedure and proceed for the further steps. The FirmWare of all the device can be available through the respective firmware stating to as for SAMSUNG(SAMMOBILE), for LG (LG PHONE FIRMWARE), for SONY (XPERIA FIRMWARE), for HUAWEI(EMUI), for MOTOROLA(MOTOROLA FIRMWARE). these can help you out with best ROM.

2. Installing the ROM for Android Firmware Update

For installing the ROM which should be very clear to locate the specific program for your device brand. Using the custom recovery which ensures that your device is unlocked and rooted. You can better hear about the Custom ROM update. The following are the programs for your ROM installation they are:

  • KIES
  • Odin
  • Flash Tool
  • HTC Sync Manager
  • HTC One Tool Kit
  • LG PC Suite
  • RSD Lite
  • Custom Recovery
  • ROM Manager

This particular program is used for updating of Samsung branded devices. Which generally allow you to download the ROM and simultaneously install it on to your device from your PC. KIES can automatically download the firmware based on your location and device. IF ROM hasn’t been accessed to your location or device then you can’t ROM through KIES.


This is the other ROM installer program for Samsung devices. The advantage here in Odin is that the ROM which can be installed by yourself from “SamMobile”.

android firmware update

Flash Tool:

This program is helpful in installing ROM for Sony devices. This program can only be used for Sony Xperia devices. And in general, it is having the bootloader for Sony devices. Even though it is in the beta state it works for most of the Windows PC.

HTC Sync Manager:

This is also a program to install updates by the name to HTC devices alone. To get it you have to visit the official website of HTC. After installing it, you just have to connect your HTC mobile to your PC via USB cable and then hit the program and it searches for updates to your device. But remember it only updates official ones to your device.

HTC One Tool Kit:

This program was developed by XDA Developers Forum which also works only for Htc devices. In this program, you have an opportunity to unlock the bootloader. connect using USB and then it also installs official and custom ROMs on your HTC device. For this also you need to refer the official website.

LG PC Suite:

This program can also be called by the name LG bridge. This will update only the LG devices and you can download it by searching in LG’s device search toolbox for PC suite. Then you just have to install it on your device and then you have to check the updates available for your device. Like the other programs, this also installs official updates.

android firmware update

RSD Lite:

Motorola users don’t generally have to face any problems while receiving updates for the device. This program ensures to allow you to firmware on to your Motorola. You can also visit the website for official information regarding ROM through RSD Lite.

Custom Recovery:

If you didn’t find a program from the above list for your device. The best and helping hand is to install a custom recovery on your device. It’s is quite simple to install ROMs through custom recovery. Also helps in backing up your device and you can access it through the reboot for your device. This can download Official ROMs directly to your device. doesn’t require the connection with your PC.

ROM Manager:

This is an application for the root devices that allows you to see the ROMs that are available for your device. While you can install this directly on your device and helps to browse through certain ROMs for the device. You can install this from Google play store.

Do you find any alternative methods for installing updates to your device?  And if you have any queries regarding Android Firmware Update you can ask us via the comment section.

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