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Android Oreo Go Features

Android Oreo Go Features: Android Oreo Go is the latest version of the Android operating system. Actually, this Android Go was released as an alpha quality developer and it had a preview in March 2017. While the new Android Oreo Go has many features. Some of them are notification grouping, picture-in-picture support for video, performance improvements and battery usage optimization. Also, it has features like support for auto-fillers, Bluetooth 5, system-level integration with VoIP apps, wide color gamuts, and Wi-Fi Aware and much more. Furthermore, this new OS Android Oreo has two major platform features. And it includes Android Go—a software distribution of the operating system for the low-end devices. Furthermore, it also supports for implementing a hardware abstraction layer.

Now let us discuss Android Oreo Go Features and its uses.

Android Oreo Go Features

Android Oreo Go Features

There are many new features that are introduced in this Android Oreo Go OS. You can check some of them below:

Introduction of Android Oreo (Go edition)

It is the powerful experience for entry-level smartphones. While this OS is the best of all Android’s OS. While it is built with many new applications and with the updated versions of existing applications. You can get this OS even on most affordable Android smartphones. Hence you will have the best experience with this OS on your Android smartphone.

Saving space, wherever it’s needed

This OS helps you to save a lot of your storage. This is because the apps come with smaller app sizes.

Built to use less

Here the updates and downloads of the applications help to create more space. And hence it also improves the performance.

Files Go

Files Go is the new application of Google where you can manage all your files. You can check all your files, add your files or you can delete your files here in this application.

Google apps, reimagined

Here in the new version of Android i.e. Android Oreo Go Features has its significance. While the apps are very useful and increase the performance and take less storage place.

Google Go

Google Go is the new application of Google that helps you to find all the trending topics. Here in this app, you can find popular queries, top websites, and apps, trending images and gifs at blazing speed, with minimal typing.

Google Assistant Go

The Google Assistant Go comes with 1GB for the first time. You can ask any questions to it and get the answers in a faster way.


Gboard is the keyboard that has many new features. While it has Autocorrect, voice typing and multilingual typing and much more features. And it has almost 220 languages in which you can select any language that you are comfortable with. While the keyboard is also available with GIFs, Emoji features.

Data that has your back

This OS has the built-in data manager that helps you save or control your data.

Data Saver

The data saver option is turned on by default to save data instantly. While you can also manage which apps get to use your data.

Peer-to-Peer Sharing

While here you can also share your favorite content from anywhere. Such as you can share videos using Files Go without impacting your data.


While the Google Chrome also has the very own data saver and it is turned on by default to save your data. It saves your data, by limiting the background data and hence you can save up to 60% of mobile data.

Security that never sleeps

The new OS Android Oreo Go Features has the best security level. It comes with the Google Play Protect, built-in mobile security that keeps all your apps and data safe, 24/7.

Find My Device features built-in

The find my phone feature is built-in by default in this new OS. Hence if you lost your device then you can track it down. This feature works by setting a passcode or you can wipe it clean just by signing into your Google account from another device.

Over 2 billion devices scanned daily

While it keeps your mobile protected as you can scan your mobile here. While you can optimize the scans for low data usage. So that they don’t waste your data.

Scans all install, even when you’re offline

While it also scans all the app installs even when you are offline no matter where you download them from.

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