How to Calibrate Accelerometer Sensor | Android Sensor Calibration Code

Android Sensor Calibration Code

Android Sensor Calibration Code: Sensors are the small, ignored components which are very important than you think. This is because these sensors play a major role in your smart devices even help in saving battery power. We calibrate your smartphone’s sensors and keep them in good working track. Sensors with motion are an important part of games, such as Asphalt 8. The sensor of Proximity helps us to save the battery power by turning off the display while we’re on a phone call and adjusting the brightness etc. In this post, you will see Android Sensor Calibration Code.

Check Android Sensor Calibration Code

And for some reasons, the sensors may stop working as it works usually. And before taking a decision whether it’s broken or not, you must try to calibrate it. Sometimes the problem can be fixed automatically.

Check to see if your sensors are working

Sensors are vital for many of the primary functions and operations on your smartphone, but sometimes they stop working the way they should from time to time. Sometimes, the problem may be that the app that uses a certain sensor isn’t interpreting the data correctly.

In order to find it out the only thing, you have to do is download a different app that uses the same sensor and tries it out. For example, if Asphalt 8’s car doesn’t respond to your movements, try it on Real Racing 3.

Android Sensor Calibration Code

It’s not as easy as testing another app though. On occasions, you’ll need to use the following apps below

In some circumstances, Sony’s Xperia family (such as the Xperia Z3), phones come with a diagnostic tool. Then you can find it by going to Settings > About phone > Diagnostic. For those smartphone devices that don’t come with this feature, we do have an option to test sensor performance within the hidden menus. To access them in particular, you’ll need to go the phone dialer and put in a certain number combinations. Android devices have secret codes to access each of their hidden settings, but there are codes which change according to the manufacturer.

Android Sensor Calibration Code

While you can check the performance of your sensors and the other features. Those features include a camera, the display or the audio in different diagnostic modes.

And some of the examples of the codes are, *#*#4636#*#* which is used to access status information about multiple components and usage statistics.

For Xperia devices, the code, *#*#7378423#*#* can be used. While this code is used to check whether on-screen items are working properly.

Calibrating sensors

There are many reasons one might want to calibrate their phone’s sensors. It might not be necessary, but you would like to make sure that everything is calibrated perfectly. Or some may not. You’d like to run this feature to see whether sensors are broken or not.

Whatever be your reason, some of your sensors can be calibrated, as it depends on your device. On some LG devices, like LG G2, you can calibrate the motion sensor by going to Settings > General tab > Motion. What you need to do is to follow the directions correctly.

Android Sensor Calibration Code

There are certain brands, like Sony, which don’t let you calibrate all of the sensors. In such cases, it would be better if you surf through Google play for the recalibrating application. Another drastic way to do it. Resetting your phone to factory settings will recalibrate all the sensors automatically.

If you have any tips for Android Sensor Calibration Code on your device then please don’t forget to share with us in the comment section.

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