5 Futuristic Ways to Keep Thieves From Stealing Your Android

Anti Phone Theft Software

Anti Phone Theft Software: When the face unlocking was first announced on Galaxy Nexus. Internet raised a question whether it was a trustworthy security feature. Can a security mechanism recognize and differentiate a picture and the face of the actual user? If this isn’t possible then there are all chances of hacking your device. And make your data vulnerable. In this article, you will see the Anti Phone Theft Software.

Ways to Keep Thieves From Stealing Your Android | Anti Phone Theft Software

  • Fingerprints
  • 3D Facial Mapping
  • Voice Recognition
  • Tasers
  • Titanium Briefcase

Anti Phone Theft Software - Fingerprint

Fingerprint technology is all around for many days now. It’s quite fast and accurate and foolproof of providing privacy to your Android by putting certain security. At present, there are plenty of scanning applications which may not be secure but whose the performance will be doubtful. A good and better security fingerprint technology comes inbuilt with the hardware of your Android device. And ensure that your device is far secured than the apps that are installed beyond your inbuilt applications.

3D Facial Mapping:

Anti Phone Theft Software

Now there’s also a technology of facial unlocking is a great feature in Android 4.0’s. But that doesn’t make your data secured. The best way is that you just have to hold a picture in front of the front camera of your device. But this is lacking security as any hackers can hack and open the device and make the data vulnerable. Hence 3D facial mapping can have two front-end acting cameras which can recognize your face three-dimensionally which is quite advanced than holding a 1D or 2D picture in front of the camera. As this feature can be quite secure in nature which can avoid thieves to unlock your device.

Voice Recognition:

Anti Phone Theft Software - Voice Recognition

Even though we use Fingerprints and 3D facial recognition there’s also a feature of recognizing your voice which would unlock the device there can be a use of certain typical phrases which can surely be quite advance in nature as this feature can also be used in dialing the phone numbers and also to make phone calls


Anti Phone Theft Software - Tasers

Taser is a small electronic feature which will help in detecting unauthorized users who try to unlock your device. As a result, this Taser can use as it gives a small electric shock to the non-users of your device. As the device would recognize them as unauthorized by series of incorrect match of fingerprints rather than the actual owner of the device. This helps a lot to the users of the device as it can prevent the unauthorized access to your device

Carbon Fiber Briefcase:

Anti Phone Theft Software - Carbon Fiber Briefcase

If you would like to have more security then carry a Titanium coated briefcase outside of your device which preserves your Android from thieves which are quite expensive but you can do this for the safe security of your device.

If you are having any queries regarding Anti Phone Theft Software, then ask us via the comment section. And we are always there to help you out.

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