Netflix Alternatives For Online Media Streaming

Apps Like Netflix
Apps Like Netflix

Best Alternative Apps Like Netflix: In those days, people used to use CDs and DVD players. But now nowhere people are using these kinds of instruments. Really mobiles and PC has taken this world over. Although it was used for talking to someone and for work purpose respectively, they are being used more than what they are actually for. While you can watch all your loved movies, TV serials, TV shows in your smartphone provided you have a proper internet connection. And there is an application that is most famous in this regard which is called as Netflix. Furthermore, this app is available for iOS and Android mobiles to see movies, TV Shows etc anytime, anywhere. Here in this article, you will see about Apps Like Netflix.

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Best Similar Apps Like Netflix 2017

While now Netflix is the most used application in the world. This application supports both for the Android and iOS. You can watch HD videos, movies and much more. Also, you can watch TV programs etc. You can use this service free for one month. But later you have to pay money to use it. While you can also download movies or videos from the Netflix app. It is one of the best features it has apart from having high-quality videos. Furthermore, there are many more applications which work very similar to that of Netflix. You can Check here for Alternatives for Netflix for Andriod and iOS smartphones. Here I have given 10 such Apps Like Netflix.

Apps Like Netflix

Apps Like Netflix

Alternatives for Netflix for Andriod and iOS:

Here I am giving 10 such applications which can be used as the alternative to Netflix for Android and iOS.

Showbox: Showbox is next most famous to Netflix and does pretty much what Netflix does. One of the main plus points of this Showbox is that it works perfectly for both Android and iOS devices. You can download this application from Play store in Android and from iStore for iOS devices. This is free to download to your mobile phones. With this application in your Android and iOS, you can very easily see many numbers of TV shows, your favorite movies, unlimited videos and other media. This just works fine and can be used as one of the alternatives for Showbox.

Box TV: Of late, this very application is trending one among the smartphone users. Though it came to use very lately, it has grabbed enough eyeballs and attention. This is because of the no bugs and no interruption while using this application. This application too works simply fine on both Android and iOS devices. You can download this application for free in your devices. One of the most amazing features that this application offers for its users are HD movie streaming, streaming videos to TV via Chromecast. There are much more such wonderful features with this application.

Sky HD: In this list, I have to mention this application. And without which this article is incomplete. This application as others is free to download on your smartphones. One of this biggest feature that this application is known for is its user-friendly interface. You can use this application for its unlimited collection of the number of TV shows, a number of HD movie collections. You will enjoy this application while you use this application for watching your favorite shows etc.

Free / Paid Movie Streaming Sites | Apps Like Netflix | Netflix Like Apps

Crackle: Crackle is one of the most talked and most shared applications that can fit as the alternative to Netflix perfectly. This application has a total of 30 million downloads from the app store. Such is the wide use of this app in the world can be seen. One of the best features that this application has is a user can create a watchlist unlike in the other applications. This app comes with a number of collection of movies in HD, TV shows etc.

Moviebox: Moviebox is as famous as Netflix. This is because of the number of features that this application has and offers it to its users. Some of the features of this application are Low, Medium, HD, 480p, 360p, 720p type of quality videos to watch. You can watch any number of movies both latest and old ones just waiting at your fingertips. This serves as one of the best alternatives for the Netflix application. This application is also free to download.

Free alternatives to Netflix to stream TV shows and movies

Popcorn Time: You can stream a very good quality of videos with this application. This application can be used in Andriod mobiles, iOS devices, and Linux devices. What makes it get a place on this list is the option of various qualities like Low, Medium, HD, 480p, 360p, 720p etc. You can select any quality and can watch without much disturbance while you experience the best movies. You can download this application without any second thought. Like the name of the application, you can have some popcorn while you experience this application’s features.

MovieTube: This application is free to download in any of the devices like Android smartphones, on Mac, on Windows etc. This is one of the best alternatives for the Netflix offering the same features for its users. It has a wide number of movies in HD quality which is the most prominent thing the users prefer. So download this application in any of the devices that you have and enjoy its offerings.

Streaming Sites That Are Alternatives to Netflix |Alternative Apps Like Netflix

Movies by Flixter: This application has some of the best features and options that other applications doesn’t offer. One of the best features that this application offers to its user is they allow to read Rotten Tomatoes Review. With that one can know the top rated movies with positive reviews which help in reducing the efforts of users to find any movie. It is also the marketplace where one can buy movies, watch movies, and also rent. The only thing it asks you to do is to download the application which is free of cost and install in your device. That’s it, just sit back and enjoy your favorite videos.

Movie Streaming Apps Like Netflix

IMDb Movies & TV: I personally don’t think that there requires any introduction for IMDB. This is the internationally most trusted website with every movie’s review, cast and crew and much other stuff. This application is free to download to any of the devices. And enjoy all the trailers, quotes from movies, reviews, rating and what not. This is one of the most worthy alternatives for Netflix.

Hulu: This is the only application in this article of mine where you have to pay to use this application. What makes this application as one of the alternatives of Netflix is the option to users to create their own watch list. It also has the feature to connect to TV through Chromecast and enjoy any number of movies, videos for free. This application’s least price to download is $ 7.99. It can serve you the way Netflix serves you all the time.

That’s it from me. This is the list of top 10 alternatives for Netflix. You can download any of the above-mentioned applications and can enjoy your favorite movies or videos.

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