5 Best Alternative Apps Like Coinsecure List 2018

Apps Like coinsecure
Apps Like coinsecure

List of Alternative Apps Like Coinsecure: Benson Samuel and Mohit Kalra are the ones who have founded this Coinsecure App. The main motto behind Coinsecure is “Connecting India to Bitcoin”. Coinsecure solely works to educate people and help them to enable individuals and businesses to use Bitcoin. It also works to bring awareness regarding the Blockchain technology through the only INR based blockchain explorer. Hence Coinsecure is number one regarding Bitcoin in India. Both the founders are seeing a huge growth in Bitcoins in India, and they are sure it will see a rocketing growth in the near future.

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If you want to experience with other apps like Coinsecure, then are a number of similar apps like Coinsecure. You can use this Coinsecure like apps for buying bitcoins, selling bitcoins and also for Bitcoin Wallet in India. These Alternate Apps Like Coinsecure provides you all the features as that of Coinsecure. Hence you will not feel anything different with these Alternatives To Coinsecure App. Hence you can have a look at the below list of Alternatives For Coinsecure App where you can buy and sell Bitcoins. You will definitely feel helpful with the below list of Coinsecure Like Apps.

Apps Like coinsecure

Apps Like Coinsecure

List of Best Similar Apps Like Coinsecure App:

Zebpay: Another App Like Coinsecure is Zebpay app. One of the best features of Zebpay is it will help you to link to your bank account which eases your speedy transfers. This is not a completely anonymous account because of its KYC procedure. With low fees, it offers multiple security levels which you will not find in another app like Zebpay. One can easily buy, sell Bitcoins. Also one can remit their money to their bank account easily. They can also check their historical data on Bitcoin pricing before selling or buying Bitcoins. Zebpay For Android and Zebpay For iPhone is available. But Zebpay for Windows PC is not available while there is a web version for the same.

Apps Like Zebpay

Unocoin: Among many Coinsecure Like Sites, you can use this Unocoin as the best alternative to Coinsecure App. This is because of the fact that most of the people recommend this Unocoin. This Unocoin helps in easing to buy and sell Bitcoin Online. Apart from helping in buying and selling Bitcoins, it also functions as an Online Bitcoin Wallet. With the help of Unocoin you use Bitcoins in different places. Unocoin asks only 1 percent fee for using at as the Online Bitcoin Wallet. Coinsecure For Android and Coinsecure For iOS is available but Coinsecure For Windows Phone is not available.


Coinsecure Like Sites For Bitcoin Wallet

BuyUCoin: BuyUCoin allows anyone to buy Bitcoin online using a credit card, debit card, or net banking. You can also sell Bitcoins with the help of BuyUCoin. BuyUCoin will ask you to get a purchase ID to buy Bitcoins Online in India. To get the purchase ID, you have to enter your name, email ID and phone number. Follow this with PAN card number, a photo of your PAN Card, and a photo of any other ID card like Aadhaar card or Driving License. You can also use this BuyUCoin as the Bitcoin Online Wallet. BuyUCoin for Android, BuyUCoin for iOS, BuyUCoin for Windows Phone is not available. Only, a Web version of BuyUCoin is available.


LocalBitcoins: If anyone wants a private Bitcoin transaction, then LocalBitcoins is the best alternative to Coinsecure. The transactions too are real quick and easy with LocalBitcoins. Apart from that one can carry out in-person trades which are completely anonymous. The reason for that is one can carry out the purchases with cash, so that to avoid a paper trail. The Bitcoin prices with LocalBitcoins than other apps like LocalBitcoins. LocalBitcoins For Android, LocalBitcoins For iOS, LocalBitcoins For Windows Phone are not available. While web version for LocalBitcoins is available.

Local Bitcoins Buy Bitcoins India

Alternate Apps Like Coinsecure

BTCXIndia: Apart from the above Coinsecure Like Sites, BTCXIndia is also one of the best apps for Bitcoins Selling and Buying. You will get information about the value of INR in real time with this app. You can easily make deposits and withdrawals instantly with the help of BTCXIndia. The user experience of the users is quite good than the other apps. So you can use this app too instead of Zebpay.

We have tried our best to bring you the best alternative apps for Coinsecure. We hope this article will help you to select the best apps for you regarding the Bitcoin Online Wallet and others etc.

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