Best Alternative Apps Like Zapya Best File Sharing Apps For Android

Apps Like Zapya

Best Alternative Apps Like Zapya For Android Mobiles: Today we have a number of mobiles. In fact, we have more number of mobile phones than people in certain countries. Since there a number of features with mobile, people are using it more and more. The definition of Mobiles has changed completely in the recent times. From using mobiles to talk, it has now come up a long long way.

Now you can click photos, send SMS, send emails, share photos, take videos and many other things. Hence it is a must this thing most of the people. Now comes the hard part, when one want to transfer some files. Most of the mobiles come with Bluetooth but it is helpful only when the files are small. For sending files which are huge, it is really a huge task.

Similar Apps Like Zapya For PC Windows 10:

There are a number of apps to send such big files. But Zapya is one of the famous apps in the market. Zapya App For Windows or Android is a peer-to-peer file sharing app which is very useful. While this is a Chinese App, it has found its name in the countries like India, Myanmar, Pakistan etc. Wang Xiao Dong, Steve Gu, and Shanping Change have designed this Zapya App For iOS, Android, and Windows Mobiles.

You can share big files like videos, audios without using any internet connection. All you need to do is to create a secure Wi-Fi hotspot to connect other devices. Though there are a number of Zapya Like Apps, but it has its place among the users because of its features. But still, you want some other Zapya Like Websites, then check below.

Best File Sharing Apps Like Zapya For Windows Phone:

SuperBeam – Wifi Direct Share
Wifi File Transer – Feem
Wifi File Transfer
Web PC Suite
Software Data Cable

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