How to stream movies and TV shows for free on Android

Best Android TV Streaming App

Best Android TV Streaming App: People think and feel happy about certain best things in life. Now the best things are so close to us in this digital world which we experience daily within our palms. In spite of having many apps in separate which let you stream movies and TV shows in the Andriod environment, we’ve clubbed this all apps in one and make you feel a better experience. Here in this post, you will see the Best Android TV Streaming App.

Best Android TV Streaming App

Best Android TV Streaming App

Best Android TV Streaming App

Check the list below:

  • CBS
  • HULU
  • SPB TV
1. CBS
  • CBS app provides you with the facility of streaming without verifying your cable TV subscription status.
  • And it lets you stream the episodes of shows like The Big Bang Theory, Elementary, The Good Wife, Two and a Half Men, Criminal Minds etc which also includes late night hits like The Late Show With DAVID LETTERMAN and The Late Late Show with CRAIG FERGUSON.

Even though the CW app runs you through few adds, It has a wide range of shows like American’s Next Top Model, Supernatural, Arrow, and the Vampire Diaries etc CW doesn’t disappoint you with fun but, entertains you with contents which run smoothly.


The HIstory Channels app provides you with fun with certain reality shows like American Pickers, Mountain Men, Gangland, Ice Road Trucker and Grand Tour. This app also provides you with the facility of searching/surfing through certain shows by topic like Ancient History etc. The only drawback is it popups with adds which are shown per episodes.

  • This app was created by Grouper later brought up by Sony. This CRACKLE app is hugely popular as it updates itself with new TV shows and movies.
  • This app features ads which run at regular intervals. Through this app, you can get a brilliant experience of media and the better performing app than other TV service ports.
  • The good feature of this app is that the user can enjoy TV shows and Movies on their gadgets (smartphones or tablets) without paying any subscription fee.
  • It is a perfect family companion as it contains classic shows, Movies, and kids shows. HULU can get you through its library from a fare of $7.99 a month with limited commercials and $11.99 with commercial free.

This android app offers contents from around the world through a selection of some wonderful stations from satellite channel NASA to commercial for women. This app certainly provides with channels which are adult preferable in nature.

  • TOONMANIA is the best animation channels contained app which includes lots of dubbed cartoons. Everything in the app is easily navigable as you can sort the popular shows or the most recently added shows. There is a facility of the certain exhaustive list of filters which help you to open your exact search of the show you’re looking for.
  • For Andriod users, this app isn’t available in play store environment. But, you can find it in mobi24 so that you can download the ASP file.
  • For downloading the app go to settings in your Android environment. And then go to lock screen and security make sure that your unknown sources are enabled. That is it, now you can enjoy the services of Toonmania.
  • This is also one of the animation channel apps which is available on Google play store. It has a good collection of best-animated cartoon channels which are available for free.
  • While this app has the feature of running the shows with subtitles as the default language will be English. The payment of $4.99 can avoid Crunchyroll advertisements.

The first streaming channel with Live channels worldwide along with a variety of B-movies, Classic, Horror movies along with the Sports channels. The main feature is that the user can browse or search for live channels.

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