Best Battery Saver Applications For Android

Best Battery Saver
Best Battery Saver

Best Battery Saver Applications For Android

Battery saving is truly a difficult task, While it is also difficult to find an application that actually saves you battery since most battery saver measures are manual. It includes turning the brightness on your screen down, turning off mobile data when you’re not using it, and other tried and true methods. In many of the cases, it’s just a task manager with a battery saver which actually uses more battery life than it’ll ever actually save.

Best Mobile Battery Apps

While there are a few apps that can help out to save battery life. Let’s check out the best battery saver apps for Android. While please note that a couple of these apps are only for root users since root access can really help with battery saving measures.

battery saver

 1. Amplify (root only)     


Best Battery Saver

Amplify is a root-only application which gives you all kinds of control over various things which saves your battery life. With this application, you can put a stop the apps that wake up your device constantly, like Facebook. While this application has the ability to control apps, alarms, and many other services that could be draining your battery. This application is based on Material Design and it’s very easy to use. It’s free to download with a pro version that adds additional features.


2. Battery Saver 2017

battery saver

Best Battery Saver

Battery Saver is the best application which has the true methods of helping you to save your battery life. This app can monitor other apps and lets you know which ones are draining your battery. Battery Saver app also contains toggles for WiFi, mobile data, GPS, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, and many others so you can manage your device’s sensors and radios to help you not use what you don’t need to use. With this application, you can also turn your screen brightness down. It is free to use.

Top 10: Battery Saving Apps For Android 2017

3. Best Battery Saver App – Greenify


Greenify is also the best application to save our battery life. While this app can be used by root users or by non-root users alike. This application is also a kind of like Amplify in that it gives you detailed information about the applications that are waking up your device. how often they’re waking up your device, and how much time they spend once they initiate.

Best Battery Saver Apps For Android 2017

For non-root users, you can use this information to start controlling the apps that cause problems while root users can start the Greenify service to make sure these apps stop waking up your device. It’s completely free to use, although there is an optional donate version if you want to support development.

4. GSam Battery Monitor


Best Battery Saver

GSam Battery Monitor is a comprehensive battery monitoring app that shows you what’s draining your device’s battery life. Its key feature is called App Sucker, where it takes a look at all the apps that are draining your battery so you can identify which ones are causing the problem. You can then take steps to make that app stop being such a drain on your battery. It’ll show you details on wake locks, wake time, and even CPU and sensor usage so you can see what’s really using what.


5. Service (root only)


Service is a root-only application that aims to keep apps and services from running at the system level. The premise is easy to understand. You go through the application and find the apps that likely cause tons of wake locks and battery drain (looking at you, Facebook). Service then shuts those services down and prevents them opening back up which should, in theory, save you battery life. It has a slick interface and the core features are all free to use. It also comes with customization settings to let you use Service how you want.

 best battery saver apps for Android

6. DU Battery Saver (Android)

DU battery saver

DU Battery Saver prevents battery waste on two levels. Firstly, it allows you to select and limit push notifications to your Android phone while also letting you know how much energy is saved. While its other function is to close off apps that are causing your phone to overheat – which is a huge drain on the battery.

7. Juice Defender (Android)

juice defender

It is the oldest and ugliest app on the list, but that doesn’t stop Juice Defender being a great way to save your phone’s battery. One of the most trusted and highly ranked battery apps among users, both the Ultimate and the Free versions are remarkably effective. Just pick between the balanced, aggressive, or extreme profiles and watch your phone live longer.

8. Avast Battery Saver (Android)


Avast Battery Saver does promise to deliver 20% more battery life per charge. The app automatically creates profiles to improve your power consumption based on the situation, altering screen brightness.  While Wi-Fi connection, notifications, and another setting to maximize battery life with a tap.

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