Best Apps for Protecting Your Kids from Online Threat

Parental Control Apps

Best Apps for Protecting Your Kids from Online Threat: Here in this article you will find an important topic and that is How to protect kids/children from online threat? As it is the internet age, there will be many advantages as well as many online dangers especially that influence the youngsters. They are being hassled, focussed and targeted on a wide range of individuals. There are many people offering them drugs and also there are children who continue tormenting them regardless of where they are or what they do. Then there are online predators, who are continuously focusing on your kids with awful expectations. And hence there is a need of protecting kids/children from the online threat. Here in this article, you will see Parental Control Apps.

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Parental Control Apps  | Child Phone Monitoring Free

For a teenager managing these issues will be very difficult. And here comes the role of parents to help them and support them. While, if your children are not sharing with you anything then you should look for assistance from parental control applications. These applications will help to shield them from online dangers. Furthermore, some of the best parental control apps are mentioned below.

Best Apps for Protecting Your Kids from Online Threat

1. ShieldMyTeen

ShieldMyTeen is a new application that has come to the market and has many useful features. While it can watch out for calls and instant messages occurring on your kids mobile. Thus it permits you to have access to all those messages and calls on your kids mobile. In the situation where they are being called continually and they aren’t picking, then it implies there’s something incorrect and you must look at it.

With instant messages, it turns into a clearer tone that you must see the messages. With the help of this application, you can see the message and finish up whether your children are being harassed or focused on. In that situation, you need to intervene before it’s too late.

Parental Control Apps

The Best App to Keep Your Kids Safe

Location tracking feature is also an additional feature of the app that enables you to see where your kids are at all times. And if you see them going to a place where they shouldn’t be, then you may check it out. Furthermore, to give greater security to your youngsters, ShieldMyTeen application additionally squares grown-up substance with the goal that they can’t get to erotic entertainment.

While the best part of this application is that it’s accessible for free. It implies that you won’t pay anything and would have the capacity to guard your youngsters. With the ShieldMyTeen application, there are many unending choices as it gives numerous approaches to protect your kids from the online dangers. And this is the reason we have kept this application on the highest priority.

Apps That Keep Kids & Teens Safe Online

2. Net Nanny

Net Nanny is also one of the best applications that help the guardians keep their children safe and has seen a considerable measure of enhancements over the time. It implies that this application is effortlessly one of the best parental controls around. This application also helps to provide greater security to your youngsters, ShieldMyTeen application additionally squares grown-up substance with the goal that they can’t get to erotic entertainment.

However, this feature really helps a lot in social media monitoring. Net Nanny application allows parents, like you, to keep an eye on your kid’s social networking platforms. And hence it enables you to see what’s going on there. While you can also see their conversations that are taking place through some of the popular networking platforms like WhatsApp.

Parental Control Apps

Ways to Protect Your Child Online

But this application is not for free, if you want to make use of it, you must pay for their services. Also, to make the things easier, they have introduced many different packages. While some of them are really cheap and also help you test out the product before you fully invest in it.

Best Parental Control Apps to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

3. Kaspersky SafeKids

Kaspersky SafeKids application has two versions, one version is free and one that will cost you. While the paid version is basically an extension to the free version as it comes with some extra features.

the free version helps you to block any and all content that you deem harmful for your kids. Furthermore, it also allows you to keep the tabs on apps that your kids have downloaded. It also provides an option to block/unblock them at will. This is all about the free version.

Best Parental Control Apps

Parental Control Apps

Apps To Protect Teens From Online Threats/ Apps To Protect Teens From Online Threats Rely On Parental

While to get more features out of this app, you will have to get the paid version. This offers to monitor calls and text messages, location tracking and your kid’s Facebook public profile, their Facebook friend list, and some other minor features. If you decide to get Kaspersky SafeKids, then we suggest you get the premium version. As it contains all the essential features that you will need to protect your kids from online threats.

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