Best Revision Apps To Help You Ace Your Exams

Best Revision Apps

If you are here to know the best Revision apps then you are in the correct place. Here you will get a clear idea about the apps for your revision. While the mentioned below are the best apps for revision. So it is better to know the best revision applications for your exam preparation. As the exam season is approaching you should not be negligent to miss an opportunity to find some tips and tricks on exam preparation. So, check the some of the best revision applications that are mentioned below. You will get here the best Android, Windows, and iOS revision apps.

Best Revision Apps to Help You Ace Your Exams


Gojimo is one of the best revision apps that are available on the internet. While this app almost covers mostly free content and covers GCSE, A level, IB, IGCSE, Common Entrance and much more. Check how it works: After opening the app you have to choose your subject and your exam board. After that, you can take part in quizzes to test your knowledge. Then you will get some instant feedback with the detailed explanations. So these explanations will be on your mistakes and by verifying those mistakes you can workout on it. While the app also tracks your progress over time and hence you can identify your best and worst topics for revision. And now you got a clear idea of the Gojimo review. While the app is available for Android and iOS.


Best Revision Apps

Mindmaps is the best application for revision that you can use. While here in this app, you can create the mindmaps for all the main topics. While you can also memorize them and sketch them out quickly again in the exam and use them for all the essay questions.


Best Revision Apps

Quizlet is one of the Revision apps that helps the students to create their own revision flashcards. Also, you can use other flashcards that are created by others. While it is the best platform for all the teachers as it allows them to create sets to share with their students. And whenever you access a set, there will be four different modes that you can choose and they are cards, learn, match and test.


Best Revision Apps

This Memrise app will help you to learn languages and here you will have the focus on the vocabulary. So it is the worth application to use. While for using this app, you have to click on the “help me to remember this button”. After that this app will allow you to select a “mem” – an image. While this app works as your brain. And this app is available for both the Android and iOS.

Get Revising

Best Revision Apps

Get Revising is also one of the best revision apps that help the students with their studies. So you can use this application as it is available for both Android and iOS devices.


Best Revision Apps


Flashcards+ is also one of the useful and best revision apps that we have. While it is more fast, fun, free and it is only designed to help you learn things more quickly and to help you with your toughest classes. Furthermore, you have to create flashcards with text, images, diagrams etc. Also, you can download other flashcards, made by other students.


These are the revision app and the ultimate revision tool. Also, the best free apps to help you revise and you have seen Simple Studying Hacks To Help You Ace Your Next Exam. While these apps will also help you with the Last Minute Revision Tips To Help You Ace Your Exams and handy study hacks that will help you ace your final exams.

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