5 Best Similar Apps Like Instagram 2017

What is Instagram: Instagram is one such emerging photo sharing application where you can share your pics and much more. Here in this Instagram app, you will have friends in the form of followers. While uploading your pictures, you can also filter it in this insta app. There are many apps like Instagram. While the users can connect their Instagram account to other social media profiles that enable them to share photos to those profiles as well.

Awesome Alternatives to Instagram

Furthermore, Instagram launched a new feature i.e Instagram Stories, that allows users to take photos, add effects and layers, and add them to their Instagram story. And the images uploaded to a user’s story expire after 24 hours. While this feature is quite similar to Snapchat.

Best Apps like Instagram and its Alternatives 2017

Currently, the number of instagram app users are increasing day by day with the features it has. You can download instagram app and create instagram account or else you can just have instagram login with facebook. While the instagram download is available for all the OS i.e instagram apk is available for instagram for android, instagram for windows, instagram for IOS and instagram for pc.

Social Media Apps Like Instagram

While you will find clear detailed information in instagram wiki. And there would not be any question of how to delete instagram ass it has a simple user interface that no one would ever hate to use it. While you can also download instagram for nokia, instagram download for blackberry and instagram download for pc.

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Best Apps To Use With Instagram 2017

Here in this article, you will see Instagram Alternatives. Here Are Five Great Apps Like Instagram That Are Just As Fun to Use, Instagram Alternatives for the iPhone. While these are the apps for editing photos before you post to Instagram. And there are also Other Good Photo Sharing Apps That Aren’t Instagram. And these are the Useful Apps to Get the Most Out of Instagram. While there are many other sites like Instagram and Other apps like Instagram. And the List of Best Instagram Alternatives is mentioned below.

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Best Instagram Alternative Apps 2017



Snapchat is very similar to Instagram in terms of popularity. It is also one of the photo sharing apps like instagram. Actually, Snapchat started as a messaging app but its stories feature makes it the serious contender against Instagram. You have to do is just snap a photo or a short video to share a story with your friends. While the story will automatically be deleted within 24 hours. This is such a popular feature that Instagram added the feature very recently and went overhead of Snapchat stories feature. While most people will confuse between apps like instagram and snapchat as they both have quite similar features.



Musically is also one such application like Instagram where people who love music and aren’t afraid to get creative with their lip synching or dancing skills. It is also one of the apps like instagram for android where the users can post a 15-second music video clip. While the user can use the app’s built-in library of music to pick a song for lip syncing. While here in this app, you can post your own mini music videos. Also, you can follow other users who you want to see in your feed. Furthermore, there is also the other feature where you can try creating a duet for a collaborative post that merges two users’ clips with the same song.

Apps Like Instagram & Photography Alternatives



Pinterest is also one of those apps like instagram but safe. While this app is not just a place for women to plan their weddings and collect recipes or craft ideas. Furthermore, we can say that if you love the theme of Instagram, then you will definitely like Pinterest too. While it will be worth a try. However, it is also one of the emerging applications and grown into one of the most popular images sharing platforms on the web. And here in this Pinterest app you can find or share all sorts of stuff there. While this app is very easy and fun to use and you can pin anything you want to any of your boards through the app.



Tumblr is also one of those apps like instagram for iPhone. And we can say that it is much more than a blogging platform. While it is also one of those sites like instagram for adults. However, here in this application, image and GIF sharing with Tumblr’s native apps, sharing and interacting has never been more awesome. Tumblr is quite comparable to Instagram, except you can post text posts, audio files, chats, quotes and links in addition to regular photos. And now, Tumblr even allows its users to make their own GIFs out of videos on their devices.



Flickr is also one such apps like Instagram for adults where you can filter your photos and then you can post it. While the Flickr mobile apps have seen quite a few pretty sweet overhauls in the recent times. And this photo filter feature makes it quite similar to Instagram. It is also a worthy application. Hope this article has helped you in finding Apps Like Instagram.

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