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Best Wordpress Plugins

Each and then I need to remove the old plugin and pick some of the things that offer a better feature and increase your blog. I understand that the search for the right plugin can be a daunting task and therefore I want to place it on Techysols using the WordPress plugin. According to my research and experience, I prepare a secret list of plugins that I use on all my blogs. And as part of the culture of transparency, I will share this special list with you today. In this post, you will see Best WordPress Plugins.

However, today’s publication is a special publication that is part of our culture of transparency. And I love to share how we do things, what tools we use, and other important things that will help your blog grow just like show out lone. Today, I am sharing the list of all the WordPress plugins we currently use on Techysols.

List of Best WordPress Plugins

1. Yoast SEO Plugin

Here is a free WordPress plugin that is the powerhouse of my SEO blog. It improves on the SEO site on the SEO page and on the social blog’s SEO. And this is a must have a plugin for every blog and I have written a guide here to learn about. The configuration of this plugin Yoast SEO comes in two versions: free and paid.

In the Pro version, there are some special features like redirection and internal linking. This is why I use Yoast SEO Premium. You can read my take on the premium version here.

Download Yoast SEO Plugin

2. Akismet Plugin:

Akismet is a free WordPress plugin for spam protection that I recommend because it is an official plugin from WordPress creator, which helps you fight spam comments. In using Akismet, you need an API key. You can follow this guide.

One disadvantage of this plugin is that it sometimes skips spam tracking or comments or comments about Land in the spam folder. Although it happens due to interaction with I.P or email address. But you can fix this at any time by checking your spam folder every day.

This is a must have a plugin that you should have from day one to stop spam comments on your blog. You can download Akismet Plugin here.

3. Author hReview WordPress Plugin

This WordPress plugin is useful if you post reviews. Using this plugin you can add star ratings to your blog posts and make it stand out in the search engines. It’s a premium plug-in that costs only $ 69 and is a great investment once.

Download the author Hreview plugin.

4. CloudFlare plugin:

CloudFlare is a free, secure, and free CDN service. What I like about CloudFlare is that you can prevent bot bots and spam at the DNS level, saving a lot of bandwidth and loading your server will not be affected due to Bot traffic If you use a shared hosting login with shared hosting or web hosting, your bandwidth is limited. You should use services such as CloudFlare absolutely.

Use the CloudFlare plugin.

5. Social Warfare plugin for social media sharing buttons:

This plugin will allow you to add social and social media sharing to your blog. This plugin has many beautiful social sharing buttons, such as a floating share button after posting after commenting and using buttons. If you need a plugin that takes care of your social media sharing needs, here is the best plugin for now.

Social Warfare Download Plugin

6. WP Forms plugin:

This free plugin allows you to add contact forms to your blog, and I like it because it also shows the referral URL of people using my contact form to send a message. And it allows me to filter real messages and spam. If you are using the Jetpack plugin, you should use the plug-in’s contact form feature.

Download WP Forms Plugin

Best WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins

List of Essential WordPress Plugins


7. Jetpack WordPress plugin:

However, this WordPress plugin is intended to add features like stats, themes, themes, mobile themes, social sharing buttons, and much more. While this is a must-have plug-in for your WordPress site.

Download JetPack Plugin

8. LinkPatrol:

Here is the SEO WordPress plugin that controls the external links of your blog. Using this plugin, you can delete existing external links from your blog. It is a special and powerful plugin and is useful for the SEO of your blog. You can read the reviews and how to use this plugin here.

Download Link Patrol Plugin

9. No Self Pings:

This free and useful WordPress plugin causes me to stop sending trackbacks to my interconnected posts within my domain.

Download Pings Plugin Self

10. OptinMonster:

While this is a plugin with many features. And I use it to display pop-ups and highly configurable email subscriptions. Even without any design skills, I was able to quickly configure and design effective pop-ups for my blog. And if you’re into email marketing and want a user-friendly WordPress plugin, look no further than OptinMonster.

Download OptinMonster Plugin

11. SEO Friendly Images:

Furthermore, this free plugin allows you to optimize images for search engines. Also, it will add alt text as the name suggests.

Download SEO Friendly Images.

12. WP Status Notifier Plugin:

While this plugin informs me when a blog post is submitted for review and informs users when their blog post is accepted. And after that, we switched to Peter’s more collaborative email plug-in.

Download Peter’s Collaboration Email Plugin

In this post, you have seen the Best WordPress Plugins and in the coming post, you will see the latest Best WordPress Plugins. And if you are having any queries regarding this post, then feel free to ask via the comment section. And we are always there to help you out.

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    You can try Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect. This plugin helps to find and remove duplicate content easily also permanently redirect removed content URL to the main URL to divert traffic to one URL and be safe from being penalized by Google for duplicate content.

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