How to Stop/ Block Candy Crush Saga Facebook Request Notifications?

Block Candy Crush Saga

How to Stop Candy Crush Saga Facebook Request Notifications: Facebook is the most popular social networking site where one can share his pics and can chat with his friends. We can also play games on Facebook. Candy Crush Saga is the most downloaded game and also famous on Facebook. Are you irritated by Candy Crush request on Facebook? Do you want to stop/ block Candy Crush Saga request and You didn’t find any way out it? Well, this guide will help you to stop Candy Crush request on Facebook.

If you are using a candy crush app on your mobile, While you don’t want any of the request notifications on Facebook then you can stop the candy crush notifications. All you should do is block the candy crush App(Game) on Facebook. Hence you will never get any notifications on Facebook which are related to Candy Crush Saga App.

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The below-mentioned steps are very easy and simple to be followed. There is no need to worry much, since we have given each and every step regarding the process to Block Candy Crush Saga Requests. So please check below to know more about the same.


1. The first step you should do is log in to your facebook account.
2. After opening your account then choose settings option and click on it.

3. Then on the Left sidebar of the screen choose Apps option and click on it.

4. Then you will see many apps displayed on your screen, While from those apps find Candy Crush Saga app and click on edit menu as shown in the picture below.

5. Now choose “When to Notify You” tab, While initially, it will be on ‘The Apps send you a notification’ and you should change it to ‘never’.

6. With this step, the process of stopping Candy Crush Saga game requests has come to an end.


1. First, open your Facebook account and then go to settings option.
2. After opening settings option, on the Left sidebar of your screen, you will find Blocking option. Click on it.

3. Then go to Block Apps option and click on it.
4. Furthermore, you can see a number of apps on your screen and select “Candy Crush Saga” app.

5. While by clicking on Candy Crush Saga app, the blocking process is complete.


From now you will never receive any notifications. Share this guide among your friends if you feel it a worthy one and feel free to comment if you have any doubts with this guide. Thank You.

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