How to change the boot animation of your Android

Change Boot Animation Android: If you want to change the boot of your smartphone having been tried many launchers and even changed the theme of your smartphone sometimes. Did you ever change or tried to change the boot launchers on your smartphone? We will help you with certain new custom animations for your device and make you get rid of boring boots.

What is boot animation?

It’s a startup animation which plays when you on your Android, waiting for the system information to launch. It mainly features the manufacturer’s logo.There are plenty of methods on the market to install or download a new boot animation on Android devices. It’s going to be simple as we’re presenting the steps of installation in this article. Which helps us all the times.

How to install a custom Android boot animation

Here you will see the steps to Install a boot animation manually:

  • You just have to install a file explorer which manages rooting rights. Root browser’s work well, but the best Android file managers which explore your Android is
  • Root Explorer or Root browser download on Google Play store
  • File Explorer Root Browser can also be Installed on Google Play store
  • Once the permissions of the root are activated, then go to root your smart device.
  • You can locate system dictionary and go finding the permissions menu.
  • Which depends on the application, with a long press on to the folder and select properties.
  • Depending on the app you can see the arrangement by “Read”(-r), “write”(-WR) and “Execute”(-x).
  • Once opening the properties you will have to make sure whether you give it to read, write and execute options under the permission.
  • When you complete the process, go to system file and then go to media depending on your device.
  • Then you can find a file named as
  • Now the step is all about to find an animation which you prefer and copy in the folder, renaming boot animation and not touching its extension (“. zip” or “. qmg”).
  • Then you will be able to find some new animations online.
  • Restart, the device change boot animations using an app.

Change boot animations using an app

If the manual method not understood then you can also use the following app which boots your device with animation.

Change Boot Animation Android

Boot Animations for Superuser

Boot Animations Root offers many boot animations as you try one then you can change them easily so certain applications like this can apply payments charges which aren’t free.

There are some problems with this application, which does not work sometimes. In this case uninstalling seems better. If your Change Boot Animation Android seem good then please let us know the features through the comment section!

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