Check Here Redmi 4 Price Features Specifications

Redmi 4 Price Features

Redmi 4 Price Features Specifications: Redmi has yet again coming up with a new mobile in the market. This time the MI is launching Redmi 4 with unique features. This is not only unique but also cost effective. It comes under budget for everyone along with the best possible features. There are no other phones that are being sold as hot cakes as that of Redmi phones. Such is the demand from the people of India and such is the quality and standards that Redmi is setting for itself in India. In online shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon etc, they last not more than a minute. While the number of smartphones that they are selling is not too small. This is the pure power of good word of mouth for the brand in India.

Redmi 4

Redmi 4 Price Features Specifications:

This time around, Redmi 4 is coming in 3 prices. The first Redmi 4 mobile is coming with 6,999 rupees. It has 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory. This mobile is quite more than what an average middle-class person can ask for. Apart from that, the battery is of high standards. Redmi 4 battery is of 4100mAh which will last for two long days. This is the highest battery backup that you will get for any smartphone in the current scenario. No other smartphone is as close as this Redmi 4 battery. Try not to buy it which is very difficult for anyone. Click here for Redmi 4 Mobile.

The second phone comes with 8,999 rupees. This mobile comes with 3 GB RAM. With this RAM your mobile will never get a chance to hand at all. You can use a number of apps on your mobile. While the Internal memory is double that of 6,999 mobile, which is 32GB. You can have a lot of movies, songs, files etc, still, you will have space for more. While the last mobile in the series is of 10,999 rupees. This has 4 GB RAM which is more than what you can ask for. For most of the high-end laptops has 4 GB RAM which you can enjoy with this Redmi 4 mobile. The internal memory is 64 GB which will never give you a chance to buy a memory card. You can buy this Redmi 4 mobile by clicking here.

Redmi 4 Price Features Specifications:

Since these mobiles last only for a minute, you have to be very fast to download. Amazon is selling Redmi 4 on 23rd of May at 12 PM. So you have to be ready to fill all the details of yours to buy the mobile. If you are late even by seconds, you can never see these mobiles again. Such is the speed of the people buying them. Hence you can use the below link which will help you to buy Redmi 4 on 23rd of May at 12 PM. With the below link, you will have slight chance to buy this mobile. Check the link below to get Redmi 4.

Click Here For Redmi 4

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