How do you know if someone has deleted WhatsApp on their phone

Check WhatsApp Removed Status

WhatsApp is one of the best popular messenger applications all over the world. While almost every mobile user is already using this application. With this application, you can send text messages, pics, videos, document files and much more within seconds. In this post, you will see WhatsApp Removed Status.

Everyone mobile may be already installed the WhatsApp with many contacts. Typically the WhatsApp application automatically synchronizes the phone contact. Sometimes the people may remove the phone contacts with or without knowledge. And in this case, the WhatsApp contact also will be removed. So how to know who removed your WhatsApp number?

Know about WhatsApp removed status

  • If your friends removed your WhatsApp number, then you may not be able to see their WhatsApp profile picture or their WhatsApp status. Your message will be delivered as usually but you will not be able to see whether your friends are online or not. If they set their privacy as ONLY CONTACTS then you will not be able to see their last seen status.
  • And if your friends blocked your contact then you will not be able to send the messages. The messages will not be delivered to them. Then you will see only the single green color tick mark.
  • If your friends blocked you, then you can’t see their profile picture, status and their last seen. Also, your messages will not be delivered to them.

You can check the above points that help to know about your WhatsApp number whether it is removed from someone mobile. While if they are your friends then you can ask them to add your number because maybe they removed your number without their knowledge.

In this post, you have seen the tricks and tips to check WhatsApp Removed StatusIf you are having any queries about the same, then you can feel free to post a comment in the comment section. And we are always there to help you to solve your queries.

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