Coolest Google Magic Tricks That You Might Not Know

Google Magic Tricks
Google Magic Tricks

Google has many cool and interesting tricks for its users, While Google Gravity trick is one of them. Google often exhibits a range of tricks which astonish others and through which you can dazzle your friends and family. While Google gravity tricks are based on the JavaScript codes. Furthermore, in order to use these funny pranks, you just need to stay connected to the internet and use a working internet browser. In this article, you will know about Popular Google Magic Tricks and Secrets.

Below, I have mentioned some of the astonishing tricks of Google by which we can dazzle our friends and family. While these tricks are very easy to use.

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Coolest Google Magic Tricks That You Might Not Know

1. Do a barrel roll

Open a browser and in the Google search box, type ‘Do a barrel roll’. Then you’ll see Google Tricks where the entire
web page rotates clockwise by a full 360 degrees.


To experiment with Do a barrel roll trick then Click Here.

2. Atari breakout

To use this Easter egg, do a Google image search for the Atari breakout string. While the
images in search results will turn into colorful bricks. Then you can smash them with the ball
while bouncing it off the paddle. If you somehow manage to finish the game, then the search automatically
redirects to results from any random image search. While if you can’t complete the game then you can
always aim for the highest score that can be shared via Google+ with one click.


To experiment with Atari breakout trick then Click Here.

3. Zerg rush

Open a browser and search for Zerg rush then your search results will be attacked from all sides by hordes of O
alphabets. While these O’s can be destroyed by clicking on them repeatedly. Furthermore, the game ends only when
all the search results have been destroyed, or when you’ve defeated all the Os. And high
score can be shared as well.


To experiment with Zerg rush trick then Click here.

Best Google Magic Tricks

4. Google in 1998

Open a browser and in the search tool box type ‘Google in 1998’ then you will see how the Google looked back then.


To experiment with Google in 1998 trick then Click Here.

5. Flip a coin

It is one of the interesting Easter eggs of Google as You don’t need to have a coin in your pocket to toss. All you need to do is search for Flip a coin, and see whether you get Heads or Tails.


To experiment with Flip a coin trick then Click Here.

Awesome Google Magic Tricks

6. Roll a die

Open a browser and search for Roll a die, and you’ll get a random number from 1 to 6.


To experiment with Roll a die trick then Click Here.

7. Google gravity

All you need to do is Search for Google gravity and open the first result you get.


To experiment with Google Gravity trick then Click Here.

Amazing Google Magic Tricks

8. Google Space

Google Space is another very interesting Google trick. All you need to do is, Search for Google Space in Google search engine and press I am Feeling Lucky button.

google space

To experiment with Google Space trick then Click Here.

9. Google Sphere

Google Sphere is an amazing trick. The image below shows that all the links will be formed as the sphere and they will rotate. that’s what this trick is.


To experiment with Google sphere then Click Here.

10. Google Gravity Underwater


To experiment with Google Gravity Underwater trick then Click Here.

11. Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris trick will surprise you a lot. Type “Where is Chuck Norris right now” and select I am
Feeling Lucky button.


To experiment with Chuck Norris trick then Click Here.

12. Google Terminal

While Google Terminal will remind you of MS-DOS days.


To experiment with Google Terminal trick then Click Here.

13. Search ‘the number of horns on a unicorn’


Google knows this answer and hopes you to know this answer. Anyhow try and see this trick.

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