Exclusive Leaked First Look of Android 9

Android 9 Features

Till date, most of the users of Android don’t even have Android 8.0 Oreo on their phones. Only those Google Pixel users are having Android 8.0 Android version. While there are also rumors about the Android next version i.e. Android P or Android 9. But for now, there is no clear information about the features of Android next version. But we have listed some of the important features of Android 9 below. And now Google has started working on it. Here in this post, you will see the new Android 9 Features.

SoftDroid a YouTube channel has recently uploaded a video introducing Google’s next version of Android OS. And they claimed that it is the leaked Android P version. Actually, we don’t have much idea about Android P, but with insights from this video, we are sharing some of the features of Android P with you.

Android P features | Android P features

Android 9 Features

Android 9 Features

First of all, the video has started showing the redesigned home screen and even Google Chrome. While it also showed the changes as the notifications, control panel, contacts app, calendar and alarm clock as well. Furthermore, it has shown the introduction of two new features called Google Edge and Google Crown.

Google Chrome

There are many changes made in popular mobile browser Google Chrome in this Android P version. While this updated Google Chrome will be very similar to the YouTube app. Here in this app, it will show the trending stories just similar to other applications.

Android 9 Features

Android 9 Features

Control Panel and Notification

In the new version of Android i.e. Android P, Google has brought many changes and totally redesigned the control panel. While the control panel is more customized and compact. And when coming to the notifications, Google always brings many changes according to the user satisfaction. And we can say that Android P comes with the new notification panel.

Google Edge and Google Crown

These are the new features that are going to be introduced on Android P. While it is very useful for making the search easier in the contacts app. While it will also show the recently used contacts and provides an easier search option with a widget on the right edge of the screen.

Android 9 Features

Android 9 Features

New Lock Screen

Also, the video shows a completely new lock screen that is added in Android P. And this lock screen will be very better when compared to the previous lock screens. And with this lock screen, Google is providing you many features so that you can secure anything easily.

Android 9 Features

Android 9 Features

Other features

And the Google is also focusing more on apps like Clock and Calendar. As the video is showing many new options with the calendar and clock app, we can expect many useful features on it. And we can set an alarm easily or the reminder in the calendar easily.

Android P release date

Google is likely to launch Android 9.0 or Android P during March 2018. While it may be a developer preview first. Also, it is be following with some beta versions. And the final release of Android P will be around August 2018.

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