5 Cool Google Chrome Hacks That You Didn’t Know That Existed

Google Chrome Hacks

As we all know that Google is one of the biggest and best Search Engine all over the world. And Google Chrome is one of the most used and default web browser in almost every mobile which is developed by Google company itself. As well, Most of them use Google Chrome because of its Brand and its development, we can also see many updates by google with excellent features. Now we can check out best tips and hacks that will make your browsing experience. In this post, you will see Google Chrome Hacks and Tricks.

5 Cool Google Chrome Hacks That You Didn’t Know

Google Chrome Hacks

1) Customising and managing your chrome profiles

The most useful feature of using chrome is you can create your own profile so that the chrome can save passwords for those who feel difficult to remember and can log in- separate for each profile, and in profile you can store the information like history, bookmarks and personal things and you can also create multiple profiles and make use of it. just go to settings and manage people. Then, select and add people now you can use multiple profiles in one system.

2) Recovering forgotten password

Many of them have the habit of forgetting password as we have to remember many passwords for different applications. If you lost your password, now you can easily get back with the chromo hack by going to settings, scroll down then go for advance in that select Manage passwords now you can see the list of passwords which will be in alphabetical order. only if you Gmail is synced. Then, select passwords.google.com and you can recover forgotten essentials.

3) Reopening closed tabs

Sometimes, accidentally we will close tabs or we will close the browser while browsing so you feel guilty for that, now you can easily reopen your closed tabs with one go ‘ctrl + shift + R’.

4) Bookmarking tabs

Sometimes, you like to bookmark the website which you most like to revisit again. However, you can Bookmark all websites in one go. select ‘ctrl + shift + D’ for bookmarking multiple sites.

5) Getting rid of ads and popups

While the most irritating moment when you browse is getting ads and popups. Now you can get rid of these by selecting more tools option and select Extensions. In that, select ad-blocker and install it. This extension helps you to get rid of any ads and popups.

Here in this post, you have seen about Google Chrome Hacks and Tricks i.e. Google Chromecast tricks, Chrome tips for trucks. Furthermore, if you have any query then feel free to ask as we are always there to help you out.

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