How to Hear, Delete and Stop Google from Secretly Recording Everything You Say

Google Quietly Records Everything

Google is Quietly Recording Everything You Say – Here’s How to Hear It, Delete It, and Stop It

Google is the most popular and is one of the most used search engines all over the world. While we have been using it as a default search engine for almost many years. Furthermore, we used it for many things and the Google stores or records all of your conversations. And here in this post, you will know How to hear it, Delete it and Stop it. Follow the article, to know the process. You can view your history and the list of all your searches, at your personal Google history page. In this post, you will see Google Quietly Records Everything You Say.

Actually, Google Has Been Recording You and Everything You Say. And here in this post, you will see How to Delete the Files and How To Stop It. You may have queries such as How to stop listening to me Google, google anonymous proxy, and is my phone listening to me all the time. You will get to know here the answer for your every query. Actually, this feature was introduced because to deliver the accurate search results and for that Google stores a huge amount of data.

Google Quietly Records Everything You Say. Here’s How To Hear & Delete The Recordings

As the Google stores the huge amount of data, but the good news here is that you can stop it and delete it. You will know How to stop it at the end of this article. According to the Google, this is a recording feature that functions as if it is a diary, and reminds you the various places and situations that you and your mobile have been in. And it is also a reminder of your history and the information is collected about you. While it also stores the information to know how intimate that information can be.

While you can observe this more on an Android phone.

And this feature can be activated at any time or at any place. For that, all you need to do is just by saying “OK, Google”. From then everything you do on Google will be recorded. Furthermore, even if you are not having an Android mobile, then also your Google searches will be recorded and the Google will be still listening to you.

How to listen to (and delete) everything you’ve ever said to Google

When you make a visit on your personal history page, then the web giant Google keeps on you. While the Google will show you each and every record of you being on the internet. But the information of you will be never used personally by the Google. But it is all done for the purpose of enlightening your experience on the web. Every day there will be many searches on Google. And now the Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average. And it will be around 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year all over the world.

Google Quietly Records Everything

Google Quietly Records Everything

The data will be stored from these searches on each individual who conducts them. While with this data, the web giant Google could effectively influence the entire world. And beyond influencing, the Google will be able to predict the future based on the trends. And mostly the data or the search history is tied location data retrieved from the device being used to conduct the query. Then the Google will know your interests based on your search history.

Now for the good news — you can turn all of this off.

For this, you have to go to the Google’s history page and there you can see the long list of recordings. While the Google also has also an audio page as well that has the record of where you’ve been on the internet. If you’ve never disabled this feature then you can see a list of audio recordings, even there will be some recordings that are done outside of the Google app. Also, there will be a transcript of the audio Google has converted to text.

Don’t panic listening to the recordings, instead, you can delete them all and disable the functions.

Here’s is How To Stop Google Recordings:

  • To delete some of the particular files, you can click the checkbox that is available on the left and then move back to the top of the page.
  • There you have to select “delete” option.
  • While to get rid of everything, you have to press the “More” button.
  • There you can select “Delete options” and then “Advanced” and click through it.

And the easiest way to stop Google recording will be, you have to turn off the virtual assistant. Never use voice search and then you can stop the Google recordings. But with this method you will lose the most useful things about having an Android phone or using the Google search.

In this post, you have seen Google Quietly Records Everything You Say. While if you are having any queries regarding this post, then feel free to ask us via the comment section. And we are always there to help you out. Cheers!

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