How to Earn/Make Money Through Google Adsense?

Google Adsense

There are many ways to earn money and one among those is Google AdSense which pays money for sharing ad in our websites for goods and services that are relevant to the content of your site, targeted to the people who frequent your pages. We will be paid if the ad is clicked by the visitors. The below mentioned are some good ideas that will help in increasing your AdSense revenue.

How to Earn/Make Money Through Google Adsense?

How to Earn/Make Money Through Google Adsense?

Creating an Ad Unit

1. Sign into your AdSense account: You must have an Adsense account and you must sign in your AdSense account. Then you must click on My ads in the upper left. After clicking on my ads, then create a new Ad unit by clicking on new Ad unit button.

2. Name your ad unit: After clicking on New Ad button then you must choose a name for the Ad.

3. Pick a size: After giving a name for the Ad, then you must pick the size for the Ad.

4. Set your ad type: After picking the size then you must choose the type of ads you will see on your website: text only; text and image/rich media; and image/rich media only.

5. Create a custom channel: After setting your Ad type, you must create a custom channel that lets you group ad units however you choose, such as by size or location on a page. With this, you can track the performance of custom channel, and turn your channel into a targetable ad placement so that the advertisers can target their ads to your ad units.

6. Create your ad style: After creating a custom channel you must set the font of your ad style. This lets you choose colors for the various components of an ad: border, title, background, text, and URL. While this also lets you choose corner styles, from square to very rounded, a font family, and a default font size. You can also use the default ad style.

7. Get the code for the ad: After creating ad style you must save your ad unit or click the Save and get code button at the bottom to get the HTML code for your site.If you find adding code very difficult then click here.

How to Earn/Make Money Through Google Adsense?

How to Design Your Ad Campaign?

1. Analyze your content: You must know which ads to put in your website keeping in mind about the target audience. While you must also put the ads that are related to the content of your website. You must remember about who frequents your website, write down what you feel are the most important characteristics of your viewers.

2. Fine tune advertisements: Furthermore, AdSense will auto-populate the page with what they feel are relevant ads, use their tools to provide tighter controls. By setting up the channels, you will get to know about the performance or the behavior of the custom channel. For example, if the pages about gardening perform better than your pages on cooking, you might consider adding more to your gardening pages.

3. Optimize your ad placement and site design: Ads are more effective only in some places. The Ads that appear when you first arrive at your page (i.e., “above the fold” as they say in the newspaper world) tend to be more effective than those that are below the fold. While the Ads on the upper left tend to perform much better than ads on the lower right. Furthermore, wider ads are generally more successful, as they are much easier to read. Also, the Ads that display images or video perform very well and using colors that complement your website colors will make them more readable, and so more effective.

4. Learn how AdSense works: It is very important to know how Adsense works. To know how Adsense works click here.

How to Earn/Make Money Through Google Adsense?

What’s it Worth?

In order to get paid from Google Adsense, you must have huge audiences clicking on your ads and it will happen if you have a lot of people on your site reading your content. We can say that content is a vital factor for earning as it makes the audiences to reach your site again and again. And you will be paid every time when somebody clicks on your ads. You will be paid Cost Per Click (CPC) and mostly an ad that may generate $.03 per click may get 100 hits, but that doesn’t add up to much.

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