How to lock individual apps on your smartphone

How to Lock apps

How to lock apps on Android without the app: When you are giving your phone to others, it is safe to lock the apps that you don’t want others to open. And hence by locking the applications, you can maintain the privacy of your data. While most of us lock the apps such as WhatsApp, emails, and the image gallery. This is because these apps can contain all private content that you may not want to keep to yourself. And for this purpose, you are having the app lock apps that prevent others to enter into your private data when you give your mobile to them.

How to lock apps on Android without the app

How to Lock apps

There are two methods that you can check below.

  1. App lock applications
  2. Block apps with tools you have

Method 1: App lock apps | How to lock apps on Android without app

There are many app lock applications that are available in the Play Store. All you have to do is just search for the app lock in the play store and you will see plenty of app lock apps. And here in this article, we have taken the best of all the app lock apps that won’t require too many authorizations from you.

  • App Lock from Keepsafe
  • CM Security Antivirus Applock from Cheetah Mobile

Let’s start with a warning: While all the app lock apps cannot provide the best protection against curious people if they’re clever enough! This is because sometimes even the apps are locked, the most recent content can be quickly seen before the code entry appears.

Tip: And to provide the best security to the apps, you need to lock the settings app too. This is because a clever person can simply uninstall the app lock application and can view your data.

App Lock from Keepsafe

The app lock from Keepsafe will not let anyone take the screenshots. While this application doesn’t require any authorizations. All you have to do is go to the setup wizard asks for the type of lock: PIN, pattern, or fingerprint. Furthermore, there is no need to add a fingerprint again as it uses the fingerprint lock i.e already added to the Android smartphone. And this app creates trust in the users as it will not send the fingerprint back to the creators of the application.

You have to add your email address for security and it is optional. While this app directs you to the system settings where you can actually access the data usage. And you can also return to the app lock where you can actually select the apps to lock. While the most important apps such as the Settings and the WhatsApp applications are shown and the rest will follow alphabetically.

App Lock Fingerprint Password

Unfortunately, there are some bad results while using this app. When we tried this app to lock WhatsApp, we are able to see the internal stuff of the app for sometime and then a pattern lock appears. While if someone is very interested to know your chats he might open it for several times to check your data. Furthermore, if you don’t lock the Settings app then the other users can easily delete the App Lock application and then he can see your data.

CM Security Antivirus Applock from Cheetah Mobile | How to lock apps on Android without app

CM Security Antivirus app also works very similar to Keepsafe’s App Lock. While it also has a pattern that can protect the apps with a lock. While in this app, you can also add the fingerprint to lock the apps. And this app helps to provide the best security to the apps. Furthermore, this application also asks for access to data usage during setup.

Note: And there is also another App lock by Cheetah Mobile that needs the inclusive access to your location, files, camera, number and more.

App Lock Fingerprint Unlock

CM Security Antivirus Applock is actually the best app lock to choose as it can also hide your notifications if you give it permission on request. But even this app, is slow to block the apps very fast. A quick glance at the app that is locked with this app can also display the data just for a moment and then the lock appears.

And one more disadvantage of the Cheetah Mobile CM App Lock app is because of its annoying internal advertising. Also, it displays more of its products to you and it reduces your mobiles battery life. And we recommend that it is better to uninstall the CM app.

Method 2: Block apps with tools you have | How to lock apps on Android without app

Samsung’s Secure Folder

While in the Samsung smartphones, you can actually store apps, pictures and other files in the Secure Folder. And these folders will have a separate code that you can set and prevent others to open those apps. It provides the utmost security and you can’t even access the data in the secure folder externally using a USB cable and a PC.

Furthermore, these folders actually do not need to completely set up the apps again. While the app notifications will be sent from the Secure Folder to your actual profile. Using the Secure Folder does not mean that you will need to completely set up WhatsApp or other apps again. And the notifications are sent from the Secure Folder to your main profile. And it provides the best security and makes it difficult to open for the spies.

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Huawei/Honor PrivateSpace

The Huawei EMUI user interface is also a very similar feature to PriveSpace. And in this case also you can lock your images, data and apps are isolated by the main user. Furthermore, you can also create a second user on your Honor or Huawei smartphone. And to protect your area, all you have to do is just use a different finger lock for the protected area.

Android features for blocking apps

And there are many applications that provide the best security to the data you want to secure. While the Android’s features also work reliably. And all the Android devices do not have the features of security. And there were many features that are introduced with Android 5.0 Lollipop in autumn 2014.

  • Use a second user account
  • Pin an app

Create a user or guest account

If you do not like the apps to secure your data, you can actually use the operating system’s options. If you do not want the temporary user to use your main profile, you can just quickly create a guest account or a second user account on your smartphone. You can do this by going through a button i.e available in the Setiings option.

After you create the new user account, the other users can’t access your main profile data. And if they want to use any applications then he must install the apps from the Play Store. Also, he must enter the Google account to download the apps from the Play Store. And this is the best way of securing your data from others.

Screen lock

And as the Android version is getting updated day by day, there are many features added. It has many updates mostly about providing the security. All you can do now is pin those apps that you think others should not open. While the new Android features is providing the best ways to do it.

Hence the apps that you pin can’t be opened by others until they know your password. So you can follow this way to secure your data on your smartphone while you give your mobile to others.

Conclusion for How to lock apps on Android without the app

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