LG G6 Tricks and Tips Which Master Your Smart Phone:

LG G6 tips and tricks: LG G6 is an amazing device(phone). While this device has a unique Univision display with a ratio of 18:9 which makes the device’s experience more comfortable than the usual displays. The screen-to-body ratio is excellent with 78.5%. There’s a lot of hidden features in this a device which is clearly stated below.

In this post, you will see LG G6 tips and tricks, LG G6 camera tips, and LG G6 camera tricks. Also, you will know the LG G6 smart settings, LG G6 capture+, and LG G6 camera guide.

Review of LG G6: a new way of looking at things.

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LG G6 Display Tips and Tricks | LG G6 Tips and Tricks

1. Font and Size:

Under the device settings tab, you’ll be prompted with several exciting features. The first and foremost thing is we experience Font and Size. There are generally six different fonts and sizes to which the user can choose from the tab. The user can also be prompted with an option of bolding the system text.

LG G6 Display tips and tricks

2. App Scaling:

Display of LG G6 is quite special. Where when the device is vertically held, It shows various information than other devices. But when the device is horizontally (landscape) held then the user has to encounter few problems with the apps in the device. Mainly the games in landscape mode might not give you that compatibility. G6 has a feature which allows the user to adjust the format of apps and games so that the user can have a better use of the screen completely. All this can be done to the screen without losing any information.

LG G6 Display tips and tricks

3. Screen Size and Comfort View:

In Settings > go to “Display”, so that the user can also change the display size. This is performed for changing the size of icons and other items on the display. In order to see them better. You can also activate Comfort view from the quick setting panel and also for that in Settings > go to Display > Comfort view, there are three different intensity levels and a black and white option. This mode will be less effective in your eyes if you’re reading for a long time from the phone’s display.

4. Always on Display:

This seems to be a fundamental feature of the features. as if you want to check the time on your device, This habit, although doesn’t seem like simple as it takes up a lot of battery life. There is a feature of Always keeping little information on your display at all times. So, things like checking time or date won’t waste much power as it used to when you have to put on your display. An app icon will pop up if you have a notification.

LG G6 Display tips and tricks

5. KnockOn:

This is one of the features that LG is known for. It’s also important for any device that has a fingerprint sensor and the power button located on the back of the device. While the KnockON can wake up your device up if it is on a table without having to pick up the phone. All you need to do is double-tap the display. To turn it off, double tap again in an empty space on either the home or lock screen. This is one among the features that LG is quite familiarly known.

It’s quite important if a device is having the fingerprint sensor and power button located on the backside of the device. With KnockOn feature you can use your device wisely, by avoiding pressing the power button and opening the screen. Instead, you can just double tap on the screen of the device which will let you open your screen. To activate this option, go to “Settings” > then go to “Display” >then go to “Advanced settings” > KnockOn.

LG G6 Camera Tips and Tricks | LG G6 Tips and Tricks

1. Google’s HDR+ is used for wide-angle shots

There’s a special version in LG smartphones with wide-angle lenses (like the G6) which gives them the better HDR+ mode of the Pixel 2. In this, you can see that the dynamic range is improved and many more details are preserved than with the default setting of the camera. For more information, check out this article. And to download the APK of the app, go to XDA Developers.

LG G6 camera tips and tricks

2. Square Camera:

LG G6 can take square ratio 1: 1, We can create multiple shot compilations. There’s also a Guide shot mode, where you can take different photos matching to the sample. This feature has a quick access button on home screen. By clicking on ” Auto” mode, you can change to either “square” camera mode or “manual” mode.

LG G6 camera tips and tricks

3. Maximum resolution for videos and photos:

The default picture resolution on the G6 is only 8.7 MP where images that are taken in 18:9 MP. Can be seen on the whole display. But if you want to get the best image quality out of the camera, click on the gear icon to enter the settings and then choose the photo size 4:3 (13 MP). For videos By default, they’re taken in 18:9 HD. To change it, go into the camera settings and change the resolution to 4K in UHD (16:9).

4. Cheese Shutter Switch:

In the camera settings, select ‘Cheese shutter switch’. When it’s in enable mode, you can take a photo by saying the following words: “Cheese”, “smile”, “whiskey”, “kimchi” or “LG”. It works really well.

5. Quick Share:

While here in this camera application, you can also share the last photo you took directly on social media. All you need to do is open the tab and choose the app that you’d like to share the photo with.

LG G6 camera tips and tricks

LG G6 battery Tips and Tricks | LG G6 Tips and Tricks

In Settings >go to “General” >then, in General, go to Battery and power saving, there are a lot of useful features.

1. Show battery percentage:

The first thing you should enable is the option of “show battery percentage on status bar”. It lets us know the battery percent.

2. Battery Saver:

You can set up power saving feature in two ways: manually, automatically turn on when your battery runs down to either 15 or 5%. This mode will control screen’s brightness, run of background apps and Wi-Fi connections to save the power as much as possible.

3. Gaming battery saver:

There’s a lot of power-saving modes dedicated specifically to games. There are three modes in total: one saves a little battery reducing the resolution, other by a maximum and customized in a third way so you don’t need to sacrifice any of the gameplay experience.

Tricks and Tips to customize your LG G6:

1. Change Theme:

The LG G6 lets you change the style of icons and the system as a whole by just installation of a theme. There are two major ways to do this: first is by pressing and holding on an empty space on the home screen and then choosing the Themes. While the other way is to choose Settings then Display and then Themes. You’ll find five different defaulted themes, but you can also download many more themes through the SmartWorld app (LG’s marketplace).

Tips and tricks to customize your LG G6

2. Show the settings menu as a list:

The settings menu on the G6 consists of four tabs such as networks, sounds, and notification, display, and general. While this arrangement isn’t strictly Android stock. Also, you can change the traditional list by clicking on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner.

Tips and tricks to customize your LG G6

3. Change launcher behavior:

One of LG’s latest feature is to have a launcher without an app drawer. In Settings >go to Display > then go to home screen >then Select Home, you can choose between three options: no app drawer (Home), full app drawer (LG UI 4.0) or a simple version (EasyHome).

Tips and tricks to customize your LG G6

4. Turn off the scrolling effect when you get to the last home screen tab:

Among the options that we find in Settings > Display > Home screen, there’s also an option to stop the scrolling effect of the last home screen tabs. It is known as “Continuous scroll”. With this option being activated, you move from the last home screen to the first and vice versa.

LG G6 productivity Tricks and Tips:

1. App trash can:

LG G6 comes with an app trash can. It works basically same as a trash can on a computer, where you can put files that you don’t need. Here, however, you collect apps that you don’t want to use. They’ll stay in the trash can for 24 hours (1day) before being erased completely if there’s a case of changing your mindset.

2. Smart Doctor:

This is app can optimize your device’s memory, test’s hardware to make sure everything working properly. While these LG G6 Tips and Tricks do a quick diagnostic check of energy consumption and it also gives you quick check battery saving settings.

LG G6 productivity tips and tricks

Do you have any feature or trick that you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to this list about the LG G6 tips and tricks.

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