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Best Honor Features

Best Honor Features: In Android environment, there are many ways to hide the data. While it is sensitive in nature like photos, videos, and applications from your device. Now then Honor provides an interesting feature called private space or personal space. Which allows you to create a secret area on your device.

List of Best Honor Features

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Best Honor Features

Security and privacy:

Nowadays smartphones have become a major part of lives. And they can contain some intimate secrets like information related to a bank account. And they are online, personal photos, videos, and many account passwords. While these play a major role in protecting the data present in our devices, which should not often be seen to all.

Sometimes we are negligent and forget to secure the information, and in some circumstances we leave our smartphone in the hands of colleagues, friends forgetting about the personal data which they could access easily. Those you prefer privacy then private space comes to rescue.

Private space: What does it do?:

This feature which you generally find in the view settings menu in the security and privacy section. To find that option which allows you to set a password, fingerprint all of the form which you generally set for unlocking the device. After this setting, you will be having to different security types for two different accounts. A new PIN can have 4 to 16 digits of which the first four for privacy reasons which don’t have to match which original account.

Once you have signed in and confirmed the PIN you even have an opportunity to add your fingerprints to unlock your device. In such cases, the fingers use should be different. you will just find the plain screen in front of your eyes as if you just reset your device. Which means you should again deal with 5 annoying reasons of which you feel it’s so worthy.

Best Features of Honor

With this, you can set however you want and access your accounts secretly. connect it to play store install the applications and use the device like before. You will have the option to add your banking related accounts, sites of E-commerce where you shop online and save your payment and personal information. This is useful to as your children can also enjoy their gaming experience without blocking their gaming applications limiting of internet access can make you sure of having parental controls.

Some disadvantages to consider depending on two kinds of securities you can access two different environments simultaneously. Here patience plays a key role as it takes time in loading the account.

  • For example, if you remove the photos they still appear in the Gallery of your device.
  • And 128GB for internal storage and 6GB for RAM are enough to store apps and files.
  • These need the insertion of a micro SD card as the photos stored can still appear in the hidden Gallery.
  • Therefore you have to remove the photos which still appear in the Gallery of your device.
  • You have to remove this device if you prefer the privacy of no one to see your hidden account.
  • While it is not possible to set up the same e-mail even in your private space.
  • Because once the confirmation is made these will arrive on your screen. To access that you have to exit the private space.
  • When you open your private account you will again be asked to re-enter your e-mail address.

If you are having any queries regarding this Best Honor Features you can ask us via the comment section. And we are there to help you with your queries.

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