Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR Maxx Tips and Tricks:

Motorola Droid Tips and Tricks

Motorola Droid Tips and Tricks: Are you bored using Galaxy S3 hype and iPhone? If you have decided to purchase to Motorola’s Droid RAZR or RAZR Maxx is playing a complex role in the market as this phone is inbuilt with many features of Android. We’ll help you with some of tips and tricks that are unique in this series of Droid RAZR and RAZR Maxx. In this post, you will see the Motorola Droid Tips and Tricks.

Motorola Droid Tips and Tricks

Motorola Droid Tips and Tricks

The below are some of the tricks or Motorola Droid Tips and Tricks that help your Motorola device.

Unlock Your Browser’s Quick Controls:

Motorola Droid Tips and Tricks

There’s a simple way to browse. This is possible only with quick controls for this, open the browser and then go to settings > labs then go to the next box which has quick controls option. This will help you in accessing quick controls on your opened browser. In case of a later use slide the finger left or right then the controls appear to you. Then view the full desktop version of the site.

Use Voice Actions:

Voice recognition has become a great resolution as its majorly used in the situations where your feeling lazy to type. You can do a lot by just speaking to your device. In order to have this voice actions onto your device then hold the search button and speak to the device of your requirement. You can call anybody from your contacts, can even send emails, get even the directions to the nearest requirement.

Radically Extend the Life of Your Battery:


If your batteries should be a long lasting one or want to extend the life of the battery. Then, go to applications and click “smart actions” in the dialog box. Then you will find settings stating that “nighttime battery saver” and “battery extender”. Battery life can also be increased by turning off the background data. For this Go to menu System Settings > Data usage > Restrict Background data. Other basic options are like decreasing the brightness of the screen, closing the running applications etc.

Use the HDMI Output to Play with Apps on the Big Screen:

There is an option of plugging to your TV directly by RAZR directly. For this connect HDMI cord from your device’s port to your HDTV for surfing on your TV. Can access all applications onto the top right of the TV screen. Click the right or left edges of the home screen to switch between screen panels. click left or right to switch between the pages of the application and widgets.


Watch Your Phone’s Videos on Your TV:

This feature helps you to watch any video from the device to your TV. This is obtained using HDMI cable and then adjust the contrast to view your video on the HDTV for this Go to Menu > System Settings > display > Overscan. Can help you view your video on the TV screen in the desired position.

Stream Content from Your Computer to Your Phone:

This feature helps you to stream the Pictures, Music, Videos from your PC to your smart device without any help of the cables. It’s quite better if this is done using Wi-Fi as it takes lots of data. To enable cast Go to Menu > System Settings > Account and Sync > Add Account > create a Motocast ID and switch through the dialog boxes for the MotoCast account on to your smartphone. For connecting your computer connect it using the USB cable.

Automatically Upload Photos and Videos to Your Computer:

If you prefer to save the content like Photos and Videos from your device to your PC then open camera app and then Go to Settings > MotoCast then click auto upload


There is an option of discovering network printers by RAZR Maxx. Which doesn’t require any drivers through which you can print emails, documents, and even contacts and certainly shared printers on a Wi-Fi network? For this Go to Menu > click on print from the file of your choice and then add a printer by opening the file for this Go to Menu > print > find printers.

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