WhatsApp’s deleted messages can still be read: Here’s the trick for doing this

Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp is the most used messenger application all over the world. It is because of its simple user interface. And here in WhatsApp you can share images, videos, and chat with your friends. While recently WhatsApp came with many features such as Story feature that is similar to the Snapchat feature where your story will be for only 24 hours. After the completion of 24 hours, your story gets automatically deleted. And another feature is you can delete your sent messages within seven minutes. Check here the process to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages.

You may have seen this feature on Instagram where you can unsend your sent message. And here in WhatsApp, this feature is shown as ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature. When you click on that your sent message gets deleted. But make sure that you can do this only within 7 minutes from the time of your sent message. And here in this post, you will see How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages.

How You Can Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Recently, a Spanish Android blog ‘Android Jefe’ has discovered a way to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages. And according to the sources, the users of Android 7.0 Nougat or the higher version can download an app named as Notification History. This app is mainly used to read the deleted messages. You can download this app from the Google Play Store and it is available for Nougat or the higher Android version users. And after downloading the app and completing the installation process, you can see the WhatsApp Deleted Messages. While you can Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages in the Android Notification log.

The source added that they founded that the messages are stored in the notification log of the Android system. So, it is just a simple matter to open the notification log and read the WhatsApp Deleted messages. Furthermore, the Notification History application helps you as a shortcut to that record.

And for the people who are using the Nova Launcher, for them, this process is even more simple and easier. Because they don’t need to download any third-party launchers. And so, there is no use of downloading a third-party app to access deleted messages. To continue the process to read WhatsApp deleted messaged, you have to just long press the home screen. And then you have to click on Widgets, tap on Activities and then choose the Notifications log to view notification log of the device. Furthermore, for the users of the stock version of stock Android, there will be a Settings widget where they can access notification log.

Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

How You Can Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Also, the sources added that there are some limitations to view the deleted messages. You can only view the text message and that will be only the first 100 characters of a message. And if the users restart their device then the messages will be deleted. And won’t work for the devices running Android versions older than Android 7.0 Nougat.

So be careful as your text messages can be recalled after accidentally sending it to the recipient. And you’re safe if you accidentally sent a photo or video to someone and deleted it afterward. While the new WhatsApp ‘Delete for Everyone’ is one of the best features of Android till date as it gives users a chance to correct their mistake.

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