How to calibrate the compass on your Android phone

Resolve Android Compass Calibration not Working

Resolve Android Compass Calibration not Working: A locator is a device which generally helps the user to identify the locations around at a glance. Through which all the places around can easily be identified at one stroke. It happens to everyone. As in certain situations, you will like to find the way around you, And the arrow in your device doesn’t point to the direction which you want to or sometimes doesn’t move at all. Then if you find tuff time using your device about the direction you are facing. Then your device needs to be recalibrated. This article can explain to you how to do it.

Resolve Android Compass Calibration not Working

Check the tricks below to Resolve Android Compass Calibration not Working.

Resolve Android Compass Calibration not Working

Try rotating the device on all the axises to calibrate the compass to it

Calibrating your device’s compass is very easy if you have Google maps then go to Google maps and follow the simple steps:

  • These steps can surely help you identify the location easily. As you get stuck in places where you would be in a situation whether to check something about that place.
  • Or by just checking through the compass inbuild applications you can make it simple instead of making yourself falling into certain nervous situations.
  • All the applications of this kind can help in calibrating the places. Through the streaming application about guiding you.
  • Hold the device at your convenience.
  • And when the device’s screen still facing upside, tilt the top of your device forward which should be away from you and the backward towards you.
  • Now, hold the device upright with the screen facing you. Then turn it to face to your left side, then to your right side.
  • Next, hold your phone upright facing you tilt the top of the device from one side to the other like you are switching to landscape mode.

Figure 8 pattern to calibrate compass:

If this method doesn’t seem effective then you can move your device around in a figure 8 pattern. Open Google maps and follow the motions from the video even if this seems weird but its the best way to calibrate the device sensors. Yes! the 8 pattern helps to calibrate compass you would surely add the locations. While these play a major role in the vital situations.

Third-party apps

Here you will know when to calibrate them. And the GPS essentials, for example, does just this. You can even install other apps from play store environment which helps in calibrating the sensors and help you when to calibrate them. As usage of this applications can improve your device performance and run independently and successfully. You can use all these apps temporarily but they do have some basic applicable rules. While you can use these to trace the phone GPS the best example is GPS essentials you just have to do following the procedure of downloading the app.

GPS Essentials: Install on Google Play store

If you are having trouble with yo ur GPS, navigation app. Then if you have any queries about Resolve Android Compass Calibration, not Working. Let us know in the comments!

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