How to Send WhatsApp Message without Adding Contact

How to Send WhatsApp Message without Adding Contact

Send WhatsApp Message without Adding Contact: WhatsApp is one of the popular messenger application. It provides a facility for communicating with people all over the world. By saving the contact in the address book can make things possible. But, there is also a facility to communicate with people without saving the number in the address book for some small duration of chat. We’ll help you how to achieve it through simple procedures. Here in this post, you will see the tricks to Send WhatsApp Message without Adding Contact.

Instead of seeking a third party app’s help you can achieve it through certain operations from your WhatsApp installed device. And can avoid incompatible issues with certain operating systems. You may also want to know how to send WhatsApp message to unsaved number Samsung. While check below to know the same.

To resolve this issue, we’ll show you how to send messages through WhatsApp without saving the contact to your address book. This process doesn’t require you to install a separate application on to your device(IOS/Android).

How to Send WhatsApp Message without Adding Contact

How to Send WhatsApp Message without Adding Contact

This process can be quite confusing in the very first step for the inexperienced users of the smartphone. After the first step, it is quite easy to proceed with further steps

  • Open the browser on your smartphone by having cellular data or a wi-fi connection
  • Type the following link in the search toolbox:”123″ (In place of the “123” type the phone number of the person whom you want to chat, including the country’s code without the + sign.)
  • That means if the person has an Indian number (with the +91 prefix), it would look like this:
  • Click “enter button” on your smartphone.
  • A window of WhatsApp pops up asking if you want to send a message to that phone number.
  • Click on “send a message”.
  • Then your browser automatically redirects you to your WhatsApp.
  • And then you can have a more simple to have a communication with an unknown person from your address book.

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