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similar Apps like FaceTime

5 Alternatives To FaceTime:

FaceTime is a Video Calling Application which is only supported on iOS and other Macintosh Computers. While it supports only if Mobile is having front camera option. All Apple devices users can use this Application. This is the best Application for Video Calling. All you need to use this Application is an Internet connection. Furthermore, this application provides you the Hd Video calling Feature. Android users are unlucky to use FaceTime Application. While here we listed some of the Similar Apps Like FaceTime where Android users can also easily use it.

5 Similar Apps Like FaceTime | Other Apps Like FaceTime

1) Skype

Skype has features like Video Calling, Chatting and Sharing Application. While the Feature like Video Calling is the best in Skype where billions of people use this Application all over the World. Furthermore, this application is also used to share Photos, videos, files and many other. To use this Application Internet Connection is must require. This is one of the Best Similar Apps like FaceTime. Where Skype is available for Apple users and also Android users. So by using this Application, you can make video calls to the friends and family all over the World.

2) Viber

Viber is An Video Calling Application used to make Hd video calls all over the World. While this is also used to Share other contents like Photos, videos, and much other stuff. Viber is also one of the Similar App Like FaceTime. All you need to use this Application is to Connect Internet Connection where you cannot connect to other countries without using the Internet. One of the best thing to like this Application is you can use it in Android and iOS as well.

3) WhatsApp

WhatsApp is Instant messaging Application now newly updated feature is Video Calling. While you can use it for both chatting and Video Calling. Furthermore, you can share other contents like Photos, Videos and many other. This Application is Top most used Application all over the world and this is Best Similar App Like FaceTime. WhatsApp is also available on iOS, Android, and other operating systems. Internet Connection is must require to share Contents and to make Video-Calling all over the World.

4) Hangouts

Hangouts is also an Instant messaging application but now newly updated and used feature is Video Calling. This provides us Hd video calling feature which is quite similar to FaceTime. Furthermore, it also used to share Files, Videos, Photos, and Voicemails to the contacts and friends of your Google Account. Internet Connection is must require using Hangouts. In order to use Hangouts is You must have Account on Google. Hangouts is available for Android users and Apple users.

5) Google Duo

Google Duo is Video Calling Application developed by Google. This Application is FaceTime for Android users where You can make live Video calls to all over the World. Google Account is must require to use Google Duo. While you can make Video calls only for the people who have Account in Google Duo. It provides us Hd videos Calling feature. Google Duo is Available for Android and iOS. It is Free to use and easy to Connect with Friends and Family.

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