Alternatives To Google Chrome

Similar Apps Like Google Chrome

Similar Browsers like Google Chrome: Google Chrome is a Web browser supported by all OS, and it is also an Application used in mobile phones. Where Google Chrome is used as default browser by many users all over the world. The users can get the Information through this web browser. While it has many features like Bookmarks, Settings Synchronization, and Security. We can manage many Google accounts in Chrome. The History of the user can be stored securely. In this post, you will see the Similar Apps Like Google Chrome.

Google Chrome also has some best features like Tracking mode, Speed, Extensions, Themes, Stability. The Platforms of Google Chrome are Android, Chrome OS, iOS, Linux, Windows, macOS. In order to use private browsing “Incognito mode” is the best way. And the Incognito doesn’t save history in the accounts and it is a quite secure feature for the users. Google Assistance is also available in the Google Chrome where it can help the people to browse easily. This is the fastest browsing feature.

We listed out some of the best Web browsers like Google Chrome. Here is the list of Web browsers.

5 Alternatives To Google Chrome | Similar Apps Like Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser and it has some basic features like Chrome and is one of the best similar apps like Google Chrome. Where you can use a lot of tabs and keep active all the time. While it stores your files, details in privacy by providing you customizable privacy options. Furthermore, it supports extensions and plugins which can be downloaded from add-on site. The history of users will be stored and can access whenever it requires. Although, it has some best features like Synchronization, Private window, add-ons, and Security. Mozilla Firefox is available on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows. This is one of the best alternatives to Google Chrome.


Opera is a Web browser where people can browse and get the information through Opera. It has some basic and similar features like Chrome. Where you can download Movies, Music, Pdf’s and many more. Some of the features of Opera are Usability, Accessibility, Privacy, Security, Private browsing, Tabbed browsing, and Standard supports. A developer of Opera is Opera Software. Opera is available on iOS, Android, macOS, and Linux.


Safari is a Web browser available only on MacOS and iOS.  Only Apple devices can use Safari. Safari works great with blazing fast speed. While It has some unique features. Safari has personal browsing like Private Browsing where you can use many tabs at-a-time. The users can save the history and bookmarks. Where safari gives security for the data, files, and documents etc. Safari is an optional browsing option for Apple users.

Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon is a web browser and one of the best similar apps like Google Chrome. And it is one of the best alternatives to Google Chrome. Its Security features are better than Chrome. This Web browser will block harmful pages. Comodo Dragon is available only on Windows. Furthermore, it is the best and fastest browsing web page with extensions.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a web browser and one of the best similar apps like Google Chrome. While it is one of the latest web browsers of Microsoft. While it is quite alternative to Chrome and it has some unique features. Where Microsoft Edge offers fast browsing feature. Moreover, its themes can completely customize the home page and new tabs. It also has a feature like Microsoft Virtual Assistant that can help the users while browsing. Microsft Edge is only available on Windows10.

Furthermore, these are the Similar Web browsers Like Google Chrome. And if you have any queries regarding this post, then feel free to ask. As we are always there to help out. Cheers!

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