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Similar Apps Like IM+:

IM+ is an Instant Messaging application and Free messaging App. where users can send text messages, photos, videos, and voice notes. While the users can chat on Google Talk, Twitter DMs, ICQ, and more. Where IM+ is the most secure app. Furthermore, It has features like Group chats in AIM, ICQ, and Neighbors. And Multiple accounts can also be used in IM+. IM+ is available on Windows, iOS, Mac, and iPad. Here, we listed some of the best similar Apps like IM+.

5 Similar Apps like IM+ | Other Apps like IM+

1) Threema

Threema is Instant messaging Application used for Chatting and Sharing files. While the Threema users can send photos, videos, files, and Documents. It is the Best Similar Apps like IM+. And Threema is a secure and trusted Application where the chats will be safe & secure.Furthermore, groups and distribution list can be created. Voice calls are the best feature in Threema where the Hd calls are available in Threema. Threema is best for the professional workers. Threema is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

2) IMO

IMO is also a message application which is quite similar to IM+. While users of imo can send Videos, Photos, location and much more only to Imo users. While the IMO offers Hd video calling and Group video calling features. IMO is one the Best Similar Apps like IM+. Furthermore, Group chats can also be created in IMO and can do group chatting with IMO users. Internet connection is must require using IMO. And the IMO is available on Windows Phone, iOS, iPad and

3) Kik

Kik is a Messaging Application used to send messages. It is just a messenger and it doesn’t have more features like IMO. While it has features like sharing Photos, videos, Documents and many other only for Kik users. In this application, Users are not needed to register with Mobile number. And voice calls, Video chats, and HD video calling are the features of Kik. While it is one of the best Similar apps like IM+. And Kik app is available for Android, iOS, iPad and Windows Phone. It is the best similar App like IM+

4) Telegram

Telegram is Instant Messaging Application used for Chatting purpose. While it is one of the Best Similar Apps like IM+. The users of Telegram can share Photos, Videos, Contacts, Documents, and Pdfs. Furthermore, Voice calls, Videochat, Hd video calling, Group chats are the Best features in Telegram. And a maximum number of group chats can be used and created in Telegram. Internet connection is must require using this Application. Telegram is available on iOS, Android, iPad and Windows phone.

5) Whatsapp

As we know Whatsapp is trending Application used by Millions of people all over the World. While Whatsapp is an instant messaging application. In order to use WhatsApp, the user must register with Mobile number. And the Whatsapp users can share Photos, videos, locations, contacts, and documents. Also, one of the Best features in Whatsapp is Story which will be there only for 24 hours and in a story, you can provide anything like video, photos. Voice Calls, Video calls, Group chats are the Features of Whatsapp. And the contacts who use WhatsApp will be available in Whatsapp chats automatically. While the internet connection is must require using Whatsapp. Furthermore, Whatsapp is available for Android, iOS, iPad and Windows phone.

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