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Similar apps like microsoft word

Similar Apps Like Microsoft Word: Before going to know about alternatives, Let us know about Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is a Word Processor which we can use it to make word documents and files. Where it has a huge range of high quality of Templates. While, MS Word is used for creating Documents like Letters, Quizzes, Tests, and Assignments.

Mainly Microsoft Word is used for study & work purpose, It is easier for study & work. Moreover, Wizards are also available in Microsoft Word where it is used for creating resumes, letters & fax cover sheets. Furthermore, Microsoft Word is available in Windows 7, 8, 9, 10, macOS and AppleOS. Now, Ms.Word application is also available on Android. Here we find out some of the best Alternatives To Microsoft Word which is similar to Microsoft Word.

5 Best Alternatives To Microsoft Word | Similar Apps Like Microsoft Word

1) Libre Office

Libre Office is a Word Processing Programmer and it has many features when compared to Microsoft Word. For creating Spreadsheets, Presentations, Database, Flowcharts and Formula Editing we use Libre Office. Libre Office is one of the best similar Apps like Microsoft Word. While Libre Office includes some best applications that make open source Office suite on market. And it is Free word processor programmer. Furthermore, Libre Office has some updated features like Menus and Icons are very simple and has many options. And there are 100 and more options in templates where we can use it in creating documents. Libre Office also has regular updates, features, and security. While it also has features like sharing options, where we can share the documents with friends and other persons. Libre Office is available in Windows.

2) WPS Office

WPS Office is also a Word Processing Programmer which is quite similar to Microsoft Word. Where WPS Office has different kind of templates which we can download and use it in creating documents. While DocX is a file extension in WPS Office. And it also has features like sharing documents with friends. It is one of the best Alternative to Microsoft Word For the people who frequently choose Microsoft Word. WPS Office also developed an Application for the mobile users. It is also available in Android and iOS. One of the best features in WPS Office is Backup & Sync of documents and it can be edited according to the requirements.

3) Apache Open Office

Apache Open Office is a word processing Programmer, where we can use it to create documents. It is similar to Microsoft Word and Libre Office. Compare to Libre Office, Apache Open Office has fewer Templates by default but has thousands available to Download. While Open Office receives only Two – Three Updates per Year, where Libre Office will update every couple of months. Furthermore, it has similar features of Microsoft Word like menus, icons, tools and many more. It is available in Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows. Moreover it is an open document and Apache Software Foundation is Developer of Apache Open Office.

4) Google Docs

Google Docs is a word processor, it is for creating documents. Where it is a web-based software developed by Google within Google drive service. It is quite similar to Microsoft Word. Although there’s good file format support. Google Docs application is available for Android, iOS. While it is one of the best similar Apps like Microsoft Word. In this App, several people can work together on the same document. This is one of the best feature available in Google Docs.

5) Soft Maker Office

Soft Maker is a word processor and it is an open document format. Where it also used to create documents, to maintain documents. While it can read and write file format of Microsoft Word. It is one of the best Similar Apps like Microsoft Word. Furthermore, it is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android and Windows CE. One of the best features in Soft Maker Office is, a graphic presentation can be done. And It has integrated five-language translation Dictionary( English, French, Spanish, German and Italian).

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