Alternatives To Skype | 5 Best Apps Like Skype

Similar Apps Like Skype

Skype is a Software Application, and it is a Telecommunication process-based application. While it is used to send and receive text messages from the users of Skype. This application also provides Hd-video calling and voice calls within the users of Skype. In order to use this application, one must sign up or login into Skype account. Furthermore, this is the best Application for instant video calling and Text messaging. Skype is available on iOS, Android, Web browsers and in other Smart TVs. And the internet connection i the must for using Skype. In this post, you will see Similar Apps Like Skype.

There are many alternatives to Skype. But we listed out some of the best application like Skype. While you can check the list below.

5 Best Alternatives To Skype | Similar Apps Like Skype


Viber is a Free messaging and calling app that keeps you connected to people in the world through the Internet connection. It is the best app to keep in touch with your loved ones. In order to use Viber, Account is required where you can login or sign up into Viber. Choose a contact from your phonebook or simply enter a phone number to add a new contact on Viber. While you can make audio or video calls, text, share photos and videos And express yourself with thousands of stickers. You can also send files in Viber. Viber is available for iOS, Android.


Whatsapp is a Software Application and it is the biggest and best known messaging app. while you can share your Photos, Location, Files, Links and Contacts with the contacts in your mobile phone. In order to use Whatsapp, one must signup by using the mobile number. Whatsapp also provides Video call and voice call. It is one of the top using Application all over the world. Furthermore, Whatsapp is available for iOS, Android, and Windows.


WeChat is a Messaging and Calling app and is one of the best Similar Apps Like Skype. While this app allows you to easily connect with your loved ones and friends all over the world. It’s all-in-one communication app for text(SMS/MMS), voice and video calls, photo sharing and games. In order to use WeChat, one must SignUp or Login into WeChat. While WeChat is available on iOS, Android and Web browsers. Internet connection is required to Access WeChat.

Uber Conference

Uber Conference is an Application of conferencing audio and video with the contacts. While it does not need PIN codes. We can create Instant calls with a click and schedule calls by simply selecting contacts and choosing meeting time. Furthermore, It is mostly used by Americans. Uber Conference is available for iOS, Android. It is Free to most users but also provide business-grade service for additional charges. $10 charges per month and offers additional features.


Voca is a Free messaging and calling app and is one of the best Similar Apps Like Skype. And the makes you connect with the people all over the world. While Voca provides instant messages and HD video calling features. Moreover, you can share your Contacts, Photos, Voice message and Location. Unlimited Group chats with friends & family. Internet connection is Must required to access Voca. Voca is available on iOS, Android and in many more OS.

While these are the similar Apps like Skype. If you have any queries on this post, feel free to ask we are here to help out with your queries.

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