How To Target Country-Specific Website Traffic

target country-specific website traffic

Over time, I’ve shared traffic congestion on this website in many ways, but it is best for traffic advertising and marketing sales from countries such as the US and UK. This is due to the “purchasing power” of customers from these countries. And in this post, you will see the ways to target country-specific website traffic.

There are many reasons for getting country-specific website traffic. This reflects my particular case, but I believe that you have to blog for AdSense revenue and you may want to target traffic from specific countries (such as the USA).

In this post, I will share some ideas that will help improve your traffic to your destination country. Buying country-specific traffic on business and e-commerce sites is easy. But the nature of a blog is a great way to go.

The Ways to Target Country-Specific Website Traffic

1. Domain name

Top domain extensions like .com and .org are generally better in global search engines, but it’s good to have a specific domain for your country or website targeted in a particular country.

Most Australian registrars can utilize the .au domain extension, and they are the largest of the Australian Google. Similarly, in India, there are extensions in your domain with good results in India. The UK Transported to a domain extension for better results from United Kingdom (United Kingdom).

In an attempt to save your brand, you can buy other TLDs. Com or .org. But it is a big drawback to the idea that it is difficult to rank specific search engines in other countries. So, if your goal is clear if you know your target audience, the country’s specific domain extension is your best bet.

2. Google Webmaster Tool Geo-Targeting

Google Webmaster Tools is a free tool for Google Blogger or Webmaster target Country-specific website traffic for bloggers and webmasters. This tool lets you set up countries that target your country, and traffic in the target country will help you. Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools by checking your website, visiting the Settings> Settings under Settings.

3. Web Hosting Server Location

Another important aspect of geo-target driving is your server location. If the US United States is your destination for transportation, you must manage your website on American-based servers. If you are targeting traffic from Australia, run your website on Asian servers.

For example:

  • American-based servers: Bluehost, SiteGround
  • India-based servers: Bluehost India.
  • Other factors, such as CDNs, help to speed up your website in different countries, but focus on your destination and host your website in a target country.

The server’s IP ensures that your website loads faster in that country and you can identify the location of your server for search engines. This will help your site high quality to your site.

4. Backlinks

When Google Search starts, they use backlinks to determine the quality of the content. Over time, but backlinks are important. For this reason, it is good to target specific backlinks in the country.

For example, U.K. Your target audience is U.K. Try getting more backlinks from powered websites.

By spending time with learning blogging opportunities or learning a blog idea, you can get country-based backlinks. Two methods have been proved correctly and penguin-safe.

target country-specific website traffic

target country-specific website traffic

5. Content Level Target

The key signal used by Google to determine the country you want to target is your content. If you have targeted more countries with your regular domain name extension (.com, .org), add a country name to the meta titles and descriptions of your post. This does not particularly target your subject, but it gives you a clear signal that you are targeting a particular country.

In addition, the content and language used in your articles will determine your website rankings.

Reading is a known SEO factor, and if your language follows Indian standards, it is very difficult to target US traffic. For this reason, you must be able to improve your language in a particular language of the specific country that you are targeting.

You can take the authors or teachers from that particular country with the best writing and grammar skills in that language.

6. Local SEO using Google Places

This does not apply to the simple blog, but if you run a service blog or e-commerce website, Google Places is easy.

Report your business to Google Places and add all relevant information such as address and phone number. Google helps you determine the location of your business.

You can create social media profiles on different websites and fill out information in an attempt to help you get more local annotations. You can use a num to check the availability of social media profiles.

7. Submit a website for local search engines and directories

I’ve already shared a list of places to submit your website to a global audience.

For domestic transportation, your website must be submitted to local search engines and local web directories. Finally the most useful tool for getting country-specific backlinks, this will make your traffic a critical factor in determining the geographic location.

8. Use Google Trends

As I mentioned earlier, you should target your blog content towards the main goals to achieve a specific goal. For example, 160 mm is important in India, but not in other parts of the world. Try to find popular keywords in your target country and create a content strategy based on it. For example, most iPhone carriers have more traffic than iPhone or UK, and iPhone is more popular in those countries than in Asian countries.

Monitor key progress in country-specific searches:

We have discussed the ways in which you have targeted your website traffic to specific countries. Next, you need to keep track of key progress in your target country. This will help you to see which tactics work. When you find a strategy that works, focus on that strategy and move on to the next level.

You can use SEMrush to check keynote rankings in specific countries. When you write a commercial plan for your blog, your destination country must be on your priority list. This will help you plan your content marketing and guest blogging campaigns better.

You can also search this website for how to get US traffic to my website or how to get more traffic from USA. And you can also check this for how to increase US traffic on website and also check for website traffic in India. While you can also check this for Google webmaster tools geographic target and target website access denied.

Are you following other ways to target country-specific website traffic to a specific country? Please let me know in the comments section below!

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