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things to consider before buying a smartphone

Things to Consider Before Buying a Smartphone: Every single day you may have thoughts to buy a new smartphone that has the best new updates to get you all the best features in the mobile. While you may be in a confusion to know which is the best one to buy and what features it needs to have to help you with the best features it has. Hence in this post, we are discussing the tips and tricks to know How to make sure your next smartphone gets the latest updates. And these tips and tricks can be vital to you before choosing your mobile. Remember these tricks and tips while you are making a purchase and make it the best one.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Smartphone

While you can check the things to consider before buying a smartphone to buy a smartphone that gets the latest updates.

Check the history of the manufacturer’s series

It is one of the most important things that you have to follow. It may be an old tradition but checking the history of the manufacturer’s series is a must before opting a device. And before that, you can also check the information about the device on the internet before making a purchase. Also, you can check the features and specifications along with the user reviews to get a better idea of the device. Furthermore, with all these, you can also encounter production issues and specific information about how regularly the brand receives updates.

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And you must know that because a brand updates a device that it will update all of its smartphones. It is quite opposite, but it is true. It may look much smarter for the rate, but it gets specific product line updates. Let say, Samsung will upgrade its S line in comparison to its J line.

Check the line’s history with other users

Along with checking a brand’s tradition of updating their devices, it’s also very important to see what users are saying too. You can do this by looking for the online communities that follow the device or the brand, and see what the users are saying about it. There are many forums and also you can search for Facebook, Google+ or Telegram groups. This is because the users will provide more accurate information than manufacturers. Hence, always promise more than they provide, while the official information is always slow to update some devices.

Buy a flagship this year

Everyone today is having money to buy the best device. But here we are providing you the most valid tips that you must follow before buying a device. You have to check whether the device is having the best updates, best features and much more. While it will be worth if you choose to spend a bit more to have a top-range smartphone.

And it will be very wise to wait at least a month before buying a new device. This is because it will allow you to know more about it and its possible defects. While the price of the device may also go down considerably. And the top brands like Samsung, LG, and Sony will update their mobiles day by day.

Shop for better-known brands that have higher sales

And this tip is a very known fact to everyone. You have to shop for the better-known brands that have the higher sales. There are many small companies in the market that produce the devices but never a concern about upgrading their devices. And hence you have to go for the brands like Sony, LG and Samsung (or Xiaomi, OnePlus, Google and Huawei), which will provide the best updates.

Choose devices with Android One or from Google

This is a tip that is very simple but also requires a little bit of research. And if you are one of those users who want faster and more frequent updates on Android then it is good to choose the devices that come with Android One or pure Android stock.

Don’t buy from carriers

It is very sad, but true that unfortunately, some of the devices sold by mobile carriers will have difficulty. While these devices may end up having an extra layer of difficulty when it comes to receiving system updates. Whenever the update arrives on an unlocked device, it needs to go through another round of settings to incorporate carrier apps, system settings, and possible functions. Hence you have to remember this tip while choosing any device to buy.


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