Google’s HDR+ for LG V30: Get incredible wide-angle photos

Tips and Tricks for LG V30

Tips and Tricks for LG V30: There’s a great and new tip for LG V30 users. On the Developer Forums of XDA, which indeed a port of Google’s camera. And so far the app has only been working in the main camera of any compatible device. While there’s a special version of LG smartphones in the market with wide angle lenses. And they help the devices with coveted HDR+ of pixel 2.

Tips and Tricks for LG V30

The camera app of the Google Pixel 2 offers interesting features and gives great results. It’s no longer a wonder that many developers have been working to port the Google Camera app to other Android smartphones. There’s a special port for the HDR+ and Portrait modes for smartphones packing either Qualcomm or Samsung SoCs.

However, all these modified camera apps have been unable to work with the second camera of any dual camera smartphone until now. In dual camera smartphones from LG, there’s good news, that cstark27, a developer from the XDA Developer Forums, has made a port of the Google Pixel 2 Camera app compatible with the wide-angle cameras of V30, V20, G6, and G5 of LG.

Tips and Tricks for LG V30

Tips and Tricks for LG V30

AndroidPIT LG V30 0566:

We have installed the camera app and compared the quality of the photos with LG’s default camera app which has HDR enables. It has the detail reproduction which is highly improved. And it is due to the fact that the Google apps use less intense JPEG compression.

AndroidPIT LG v30 default app vs HDR+:

For the photos that are with high brightness differences such as portraits with backlighting that are noticeable that HDR+ improves the dynamic range.

AndroidPIT LG v30 default app vs HDR+2:

The bottom line is that the difference is continuous. And it once again describes the power of software. While the image sensors are unique in this device. In long term, it will be difficult for smaller manufacturers to keep up with these industry giants. And their enormously complex software departments.

While the app improves image quality, the experience of using this app could be more and better. And even if it corresponds to the original by Google. The switching of apps back and forth between the two rear cameras is not possible. While the app crash from time to time. So, if you wish to use HDR+ on the LG V30, G6 or older, you have to use it as a supplement to your main camera app.

If you have any Tips and Tricks for LG V30 then please let us know in the comment section.

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