How to transfer everything from iPhone to Android

transfer everything from iPhone to Android

Steps to transfer everything from iPhone to Android: You may be one of the iPhone users who recently switched to Android. And you are facing the problem to transfer the data, contacts and much more to the Android. Do not worry as we here in this post will discuss the easiest ways to transfer everything between iPhone and Android. There are two ways to do it, of which the first one is a single program which takes a lot of costs. While the rest of the solutions are in the manual ways to transfer everything from iPhone to Android.

Best ways to transfer everything from iPhone to Android

transfer everything from iPhone to Android

One-click solution: Wondershare MobileTrans for transferring everything from iPhone to Android

To transfer everything from iPhone to Android or from a Blackberry device in a simple way, it is very difficult to find the way that does this in a one-stop solution. But there is a way to do this in a simple way and that is by using Wondershare MobileTrans.

MobileTrans is a one-click program where you can transfer your contacts, text messages, calendars, photos, videos and music between devices. While you can also sync the apps and call logs too depending on the OS you’re switching from. Furthermore, the MobileTrans also helps as a backup service with cloud storage options. And you can check the full scope of its capabilities below:

transfer everything from iPhone to Android

And you can get the trial version of MobileTrans for free that helps you to see how easy the program is to use. But if you want to transfer or restore your backups then you must pay for a license – either a one-time affair ($19.95) or a single user license ($39.95).

After getting the license, you will be able to transfer all of your contacts, calendar info, messages. Also, you can transfer the media, restore backups and even wipe your old device. While you must make a note that, the single user license works the best up to five devices using one computer.

How to transfer data between iPhone and Android with MobileTrans

To show you all in a practical way, we have transferred everything from an iPhone 6 to a Galaxy S6 as an example. And this example will help you to make the process very easy. And as mentioned above, you can get this functionality with a paid license.

1. You must launch the MobileTrans program and then connect both devices with a cable to your computer. Then you can see both the devices populate in the side of the first window you see.

2. Then there may be a prompt to enable USB Debugging on and Android and to accept an RSA key (on Android). And you have to ”Trust” the computer you’re connected to (on Apple).

3. And if the devices are in the wrong place, then you can flip the devices.

4. Also, there might be a prompt to uncheck the ”encrypt iPhone backup” in your iTunes settings. And this will be asked only if you’ve previously opted for an encrypted backup. After you complete the transfer you can also recheck the encrypted backup option again.

5. After connecting both the phones properly then you can check the boxes next to the data you want to transfer. Here the data might be contacts, text messages, calendar, call logs, apps, photos, music, and videos. And naturally, you are not able to transfer apps from an iPhone to an Android.

6. Then you have to Click ”Start Copy” and then wait for some time. And depending on the quantity of the media you have, the process may take a lot of time to complete.

7. If the process of transferring the data has completed then you can actually disconnect both phones.

Cloud-based apps

And if there are some of the apps that you use are cloud-based such as Gmail, Spotify or Facebook, you just have nothing to do but just a simple thing. All you have to do is just install the apps, and then enter your usernames and passwords, then you can use them in a similar way. But it is difficult for the apps that are not cloud-based.


If you are not having a Google account then sign up and create a new Google account. And to do anything on Android, the Google Account is a must. Hence it is mandatory to have a Google account.  Then you have to backup your iPhone and then log in to Then you have to click on Contacts and from there you can select the ones you want to transfer. After that, you have to click on the little gear icon at the bottom left of the screen. Then you can see the option to Export vCard. If you click on that option, then the contacts will be transferred in vCard format.

Now, log in to Gmail and click on Gmail > Contacts. You’ll see the option to Import Contacts in the left hand sidebar. Click it, choose the vCard file you just created and let Google do the rest.


This process is a little more complicated, but it’s still easy. All you have to do is just go back to iCloud on your iPhone and this time and then open the Calendar app. There you can see the list of your calendars in the left-hand sidebar, and also a little wireless icon next to each one. By clicking on that you can open the calendar’s sharing menu.

Here all we have to do is just create a public calendar we can then import into Google Calendar. And to create a public calendar, all we have to do is just click Public Calendar and copy the entire link you see on screen.

Then you have to open a new browser window or tab and then paste the link. But remember after pasting the link don’t hit Enter just yet because you must change the bit that says “webcal” to “http”. After changing that bit, you can hit Enter. And now your device(computer) must download an .ics calendar file. While you have to repeat this process for all the calendars that you want to transfer.

Now, you must log in to Google Calendar on your Android phone. After opening the Calendar app, there you have to click on the Other Calendars which will be on the left side of the screen. And then you have to click the drop-down arrow and then choose Import Calendar. After that, you have to select the .ics file you just downloaded. Then you must click the import option which will now add the events to the Google Calendar you select. You have to do this for each calendar.

Text messages and WhatsApp chats

And without using the third party tool, now it is very difficult and not possible to transfer iMessage or WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android or vice versa. All you can do now is just backing up your chats in iCloud for now.


The simplest way to manage your iCloud emails on an Android smartphone is by using IMAP access from Apple. And by using the SMTP access, you can actually send the e-mails under the old Apple address, too.

iCloud Documents

If there are many files in iCloud that you store, then you can get them by logging into All you have to do is just click on the iCloud Drive and then choose the appropriate app folder. And you must remember that some of the file types, such as Pages documents, will not work in non-Apple programs. If such cases arise then you can convert those pages to RTF or Microsoft Word files in the Pages app before transferring them.


By this, you might have known that, the easiest way to do transfer everything is via iCloud. And for this you have to go into Settings > iCloud and ensure Safari is enabled in your iPhone. Then you must go to your PC or Mac and open iCloud for Windows (PC) or System Preferences > iCloud (Mac) and do the same.

If there is no iCloud on your Windows, then you must download that before starting the process. Here we are just ensuring that our iPhone bookmarks are being synchronized with our PC or Mac.

transfer everything from iPhone to Android

And on Windows, the next step will be is to click Bookmarks > Options and then choose Firefox or Chrome.

After that, you have to click on Apply and then Merge. And then you will be asked to download the iCloud Bookmarks extension for the browser you selected. While this extension helps you to sync your bookmarks from Safari to Chrome or Firefox.

If you are choosing Chrome, the next step is easy:

  • If you are having a PC then you have to open Chrome and log in to the Google Account you use for Android. And then the bookmarks will be synced automatically.
  • While if you are a Mac user, then you can open Chrome and then click the “hamburger” Chrome menu at the right-hand side of the window. After that, you have to select Bookmarks > Import Bookmarks. And in the Settings you have to select Safari as the source.

Firefox is a little trickier for both PC and Mac.

If you’re a Mac user then the next step will be to open Firefox. After you open the Firefox, you have to choose Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks. And then you must click on the star icon in the toolbar option. With this, you will be able to see the importing and backup options.

After that, you must select the Import Data From Another Browser and then choose Safari.

On both PC and Mac, the next step will be to click on Firefox’s Tools menu and select Set Up Sync. With this, you can log in to your Firefox Account (if you have one) or create a Firefox Account (if you don’t). After entering the details you can open Firefox on your device and then choose Options > Sync > Pair a Device to get the bookmarks onto Firefox on your phone.

Photos and videos

And if you are an iPhone user who uses Google Photos app on your iOS device, then it will be very easy to enable the backups. All you have to do is download the Google Photos app and then set it up and you can see your media there.

And the manual way will be by dragging the media from iPhone to Android if you have a Windows PC. You can do this by connecting the iPhone via USB and open My Computer. Then look for the iPhone icon and open it and look for the DCIM folder. And there you can see the media of your’s/ Select them and drop it to a folder on your PC.

Then you can connect your Android phone to the PC and then select those files and drag and drop it to the phone.

And in a similar way on the Mac too. Only a slight difference is to launch the image capture instead of My Computer. Then the other process will be the same.


This is just a simple task but a bit trickier. For this, all you need to have is Apple’s iTunes and Google Music Manager installed. In the iTunes, you have to make sure all your music is actually on your computer. If there is an icon of a cloud that has a downwards arrow on it, it hasn’t been downloaded. And you must also make sure your purchased music is there too. While it might be hidden in Preferences > Store > Show iTunes in the Cloud Purchases.

transfer everything from iPhone to Android

After you have got all the songs, then open the Google Music Manager. And there on the setup page, you must select Upload Songs to Google Play. You have to specify iTunes as the source and let Google Music Manager do its work. .

If you are having any queries regarding the steps to transfer everything from iPhone to Android, then ask us via the comment section. While we are always there to help you out.

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