Useful Khiladi11 Tips & Tricks For Cricket Fantasy League

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Khiladi11 Tips & Tricks: Khiladi11 is another app like Dream11 where you can play and win cash prizes. But it is not that easy to win cash prizes with Khiladi11. Hence you have to use certain tips and tricks that will help you to win cash prizes in Khiladi11. Since the competition between Fantasy League players is more, there is no other option but to use the Khiladi11 Tips and Tricks. Hence we have searched for all the possible tips that will help you to win cash prizes. Use the below List of Tips and Tricks to score more points thus by winning more money and cash prizes. So, why to waste any of your time, look below to know Khiladi11 Tips & Khiladi11 Tricks List.

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Khiladi11 Tips For Cricket Fantasy League

Khiladi Team Selection: Selecting a team for Khilad11 is one of the important things. If a Batsman scores 20 runs, you will get only 10 points. While with just one wicket a bowler scores those 10 which is way more than a Batsman. Hence you should consider selecting more number of bowlers than batsmen. Apart from Bowlers, you should select All Rounders too. Since All Rounders can bat and bowl at the same, they will help you to gain more points.

Select Maximum No of Bowlers: As I have mentioned above, one wicket by a single bowler can get you a total of 10 points. This is more than a Batsman. So if a bowler picks more than 3 wickets then he will help you to gain more than 30 points. If you select 4 bowlers and if each will take 2 wickets, then you will score 80 points. Hence pick maximum no. of bowlers in your team.

Khiladi11 Tips

Khiladi11 Tips & khiladi11 Tricks

Players From Both Teams: You should try to select players from two teams. By this way, you will have a better chance to bring more points to you. You have to pick the best players from both the teams. Do not take average players or the ones who are out of form. This way you can utmost score average points than not able to score any points. So try this method.

Captain & Vice Captain: Another important tip is naming Captain and Vice Captain. You must know that a Captain scores 2X points on whatever he scores with the Ball or with the bat. While the Vice Captain of your team will score as much as 1.5X points. Hence you have to select an All-Rounder as the Captain for your team who can bat and bowl at the same. While Select a Bowler as the Vice-Captain for your team.

Joining League: The best league in Khiladi11 that you can join in is the league with less number of competitors. Hence you should Join the leagues such as Rs.50 or Rs.100. Here the competitors are less than others. You can even try bigger leagues also if you have more money in your Khiladi11 Account. Try this option only if you have enough money. Also if you are sure that your team is strong and it will bring your money back, then only you have to select this option.

Number of Teams: Instead of selecting one team, you should try for more than 2 teams. This way one can try more number of combinations. Hence the probability of winning the league is more. You can definitely win more cash prizes with this tip than with others. Try all the above tips which will help you for sure.

Khiladi11 Tricks For Fantasy Cricket League:

There are no Khiladi11 Tricks that you can use to win more cash prizes. All you can do is to win money only with your skill and luck. Hence, one should follow the above Khiladi11 Tips that I have mentioned earlier. By following the above tips, one can easily win cash prizes. For more such stuff, Stay tuned to our website for Khiladi11 Tricks and Tips for Fantasy Cricket League.

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