How to use your broken smartphone from a PC

How to View Broken Phone Screen on Computer

How to View Broken Phone Screen on Computer: Have you ever broken your smartphone and worried about that? You don’t have to say goodbye to your device just yet as we provide the tips for the same. Is your smartphone broken ever before and experienced any kind of spiderweb smashed screen which is quite unresponsive while you touch the screen. Then no such reason to avoid the device by keeping it untouched. Here are some of the tips for you to rescue the left device.

How to View Broken Phone Screen on Computer

How to View Broken Phone Screen on Computer

Check the tips and trick below.

Better care can help your device from being damaged:

Our smartphones contain highly sensitive data which will always be quite wise to secure them. Through which you can hide files, block certain applications to access, or even for putting passwords for an application. The better way is to back up the date and retrieve it as an when required. Which also help us to protect the data. There are several backup applications which can help the data to retrieve the valuable data.

How to recover files from an Android using a PC:

Here to recover the data from the damaged smartphone, which can be done with the help of your computer with the USB cable. Through which your device can be identified by the PC. The recovery of images and music is very simple as you can connect your device to your PC. Activate Debug from the settings menu and recover with the help of hovering the mouse on to the particular files.

USB debugging mode not active or PC doesn’t recognize your device:

You can experience that there is a malfunction in the connection of your cable so that your PC might not be able to recognize your device which can result in the loss of data. The Samsung users must remember that they can find Find My Mobile section.  While it is useful when you lose your smartphone but also used for unlocking your device with the function of Unlock my screen. By accessing this function, the PC will capable of recognizing your device and you can then use Kies program to transfer your data.

If you have another device this solution may not work, then you can enter Recovery mode and use Fastboot (which does not need USB Debugging enabling). This is not at all complete solution and requires some similarities. While working with Android, but this will allow you to solve the problems.

How to recover data if your screen is broken but you can still see the display:

If your touch screen is working even after breaking then you can be able to fix it with USB OTG. This OTG ensures the connection with other devices. Unlike connecting multiply with the connection of mouse.

When you connect the mouse, you will have an opportunity to unlock your pattern or password. While the passwords seem highly secure. That is it, now your phone has the lock or security. And you can connect it to your PC and transfer the data to your micro SD-card.

How to unlock your screen when the display is broken | View Broken Phone Screen on Computer

There are few options available when you encounter this situation. These are temporary measures for accessing the data. For this use your PC and go to the “Android Device Manager” website. Then sign in to your Google account. If your device is having GPS, then the web tool can easily detect it.

In most cases, registration of your device is already done. But you can always have an opportunity to pair your device with your Google account if you haven’t done it before. Then you have to click Lock and select “Unlock”.  Even with the broken display, you’ll be able to access your device. Once you connect your device to the PC you’ll be able to transfer and back up the data on your smartphone.

How to recover data if your screen is off | View Broken Phone Screen on Computer

VNC program should be a better option if your screen is off. There are a lot of these stuff on the digital market and hence you have to make sure you pick one that’s safe and free. They help in moving your Android interface to your PC.

So you can control it through the program. It requires the downloading the program both on PC and Android device. This is another case of prevention if the screen is already dead. While there are some programs where you need to pay to use them. While these programs have more features than pure VNC functionality.

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